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July Jamboree Guest Post: Football Uniform Pants by Sabra of Sew a Straight Line

Hello, Sew Dang Cute Crafts readers! I’m Sabra from Sew a Straight Line
I’m super excited and flattered to be included in Tam’s July Jamboree series this month. I hope Tam is enjoying her maternity leave with sweet baby Ryker.

This week on my blog I’ve been sharing the football uniform I made for my youngest’s third birthday a couple of weeks ago.
Today I want to share with you how I made the pants. If you want the full details, including PDF patterns, on the helmet and jersey, click the button below to be taken to the rest of the Touchdown Gear series.
But let’s get started on the pants. They are super easy, especially if you’ve made bottoms before. I just am a very visual person, and I take a ton of pictures when I do my tutorials, because that’s what I like when I’m following others’ instructions.

To begin, you’re going to need:
-A pair of pants that currently fit your football player (or you can get a PDF for a size 3T at the link shared above)
-Knit cotton jersey (for a 3T I used 1/2 yard)
-Grosgrain ribbon in your choice of colors
-1-inch braided elastic
-1/4-inch braided elastic
Fold the pants so that the butt forms a nice little point in the back, like so (if you’re using the PDF, you can skip this part).

Trace the outline of the pants, plus 1/2-inch seam allowance, along the folded edge of the jersey knit. **I ended up cutting off the bottom part of the pants a few inches, to be shorter and more like a real football uniform**
Cut out and use that piece as the pattern for the other leg, tracing and cutting on the foldclip_image008
Find the center line of the open leg piece.
And trace two parallel lines, one on each side of that center line
Lay your ribbon out along these lines. You can either pin or use washable school-quality glue stick to keep the ribbon in place
And sew that ribbon down either side of the center line
I used contrasting thread to really stand out and add more detail
Now fold the be-ribboned legs back along that center line, right sides facing
And sew up the open side seam to the pokey-outey butt part. If you’re using a knit jersey, you’ll want to use a stretch stitch and/or a walking foot if you have one. Or use a serger. But at the very least, use the stretch stitch. I have some basic info on sewing with knits HERE.
Repeat for second leg. Then turn one leg right side out, leaving the other wrong side out.clip_image016
Place one leg inside of the other, right sides together, matching all seams
And sew along from one end, down around the curve, to the other end. Leave the top open and unsewnclip_image018
Turn the pants wrong side out. Fold the leg cuffs up one inch
And hem the pants with a stretch stitch, leaving a 1-inch opening at the inside seam,clip_image020
Cut a piece of 1/4-inch elastic one inch smaller than the circumference of the cuffed leg. Attach a safety pin and insert the elastic through the open seam gap.
When you’ve pulled the elastic nearly all the way through, grab both ends of the elasticclip_image022
And stitch together.
Being careful to not catch the enclosed elastic, stitch the open gap closed.clip_image024
Then repeat nearly the same thing for the waist. Cut the 1-inch elastic one inch smaller than the football player’s waist. Fold the waist over 2 inches. Sew the waist closed except for a 2-inch gap at the back seamclip_image025
And thread that elastic through. Sew ends of elastic. Sew gap closed.
And you’ll have these
Toss them to the nearest All Star, stand back, and cheer them on to the end zone!
Feel free to run on over and pick up the rest of the uniform tutorials HERE. Enjoy!


  1. These are SOOO cute!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  2. This is SO awesome, and so is the rest of the outfit!! Thanks so much for the sharing the tutorial :)


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