Friday, July 22, 2011

July Jamboree Guest Post: Giant Kiddie Pool Bubbles by Kami of No Biggie


Hi all Sew Dang Cute Readers!

I'm Kami and I blog at NoBiggie. I'm happy to be here filling in for Tam as she snuggles her new sweet baby boy.

I have always wanted to try these giant kiddie pool bubbles, and this summer we finally did it! If you have never tried it, you must! It was such a blast!

Here's my little guy giving it a try:

To do this, you need the perfect bubble solution, a hard plastic kiddie pool and a hula hoop.

For the Bubble Solution you need:

- 5 Gallons of Water
- 10 Cups of Dawn dish soap (regular not antibacterial)

I found a few things to be helpful:

- Let this solution sit overnight. For some reason this helps.
- The less foam you make, the better your bubbles will be. Too much foam is the enemy to giant bubbles. Try to keep the splashing to a minimal.

That's it!

Don't forget the bubble beards. :)

This might be the funnest you will have in your backyard all summer!

Speaking of summer, don't forget to crank your favorite summer soundtrack to add to the fun!

Thank you Tam, for having me today!

PS. Don't forget to swing by NoBiggie for a visit (I'd love to have you!), and pick up your free Happy Birthday printables. :)


  1. THANK YOU for the formula/measurements here! I tried this at a birthday party two years ago but there was no specific directions at where I'd found my inspiration and it was a total FLOP, lol! However, the kids still loved the 'bubble pool' and wound up rolling around in it making a big bubbly foamy mess, so it was still fun. Now I want to try again for the same daughter's fourth bday and hopefully I will get good results!

  2. Wow how fun. I think we will have to try thsi this summer.

  3. How fun! My kids had a blast playing with the giant bubbles at the children's museum awhile back.

  4. We are just planning a birthday water party for my two kids today and this will definitely be part of the party. Thanks for the great idea, Kami!


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