Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Jamboree Guest Post: Super Duper Easy Skirt by Kimbo of A Girl and a Glue Gun

omg! so excited to be here! i love me some tam! when she asked me to a
part of this JAMboree..i asked if it had to be a sewing tutorial ( I
mean her blog IS called SEW dang cute.)  and MY blog is named A
girl and a GLUE GUN. (oh...allow myself to introduce myself...

hi. i'm kimbo
back to where i left off....
she said it didn't have to be sewing....I could use glouise. (the glue
gun) but I decided to use MARTHA (my sewing machine) and do something
SEW DANG CUTE with a little agaagg style (, cheap and easy.)

{that's what she said}

NOW don't be jealous that I thought of this first (and no..i don't
want a link of someone else who thought of this first..just let me
pretend that i'm super clever mkay?)

now made
thinks she has the easiest simple skirt (and yes, i've tried it...very
easy ) but this one is SUPER DUPER easy simple skirt. does made
have a super duper....? i think not.
hmmm..what's this?
that's right. a curtain valance. (thanks mom...and mallory)
found it in my stash...i'm trying to actually USE the fabric i have
before i buy more.

i know. ludicrous.
but if you look will has all finished
edges...and an opening for elastic.
i put two sides together and pinned.
and then my daughter sewed it. (so i did literally nothing)
left the top unsewed....but see the two spaces...if you add your
elastic in the second would have yourself a nice paper bag
or you could add it to the top (cause your daughter doesn't want the
paper bag kind but just the regular kind and is seven and seems to
have an opinion about stuff now and you realize you would
hmm. where was i? stick in your elastic....or you could use pretty ribbon (cause
that's what i did.)
(add a pin to guide it through)
when it's all the way through I add a stitch in the very front to keep
the ribbon in place all centered...
(see that nice pretty wedding ring?
spray painted it white. awesome)

and then.....
crap you are done.
one little sew job and some ribbon.
fan freakin tastic.

probably 5 mins.

the big bow in the back...
it's big and full...
add a tutu for some extra fun!
thanks for having me TAM! congrats on your new little one (i hope
you've had him before this posts!)

come by and say HI...i'm always open to the public


  1. *tries to hide her girl crush on agaagg*

    This is fab! I only wish I myself could fit into a skirt made from a valance!

  2. Wow- I think you're a genius :) With a few more stitches, I could make some shorts like your skirt for my boys since I don't have a girl! I do have lots of little valances in the stash that I've amassed over the years. Thanks for sharing!

  3. valence to little girl skirt !?! how clever is that !

  4. Now I'm thinking curtains for the adults! I have some pretty yellow ones....LOL.

    This is adorable! I like it without the "paper bag" waist too because then a t-shirt goes over it smoothly.

  5. Very cute! We had that same sheet set! I turned it into a window shade for the half round window in my daughters room! Apparently those sheets are good for anything! :)


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