Friday, July 15, 2011

July Jamboree Guest Post: Ruffled Lamp by Amanda of Every Creative Endeavor

make a ruffle lamp 8July-Jamboree
I am so excited to be here today! Tam is a sweetheart for inviting me to be part of such a fun jubilee! I am pretty lucky too  because I know Tam in real life so not only do I get to take over her blog today – I also get to snuggle that sweet new baby boy!
My name is Amanda and I can be found blogging my little heart out over at Every Creative Endeavor. I post a lot of tutorials about the things I have made and if you follow along then you know I have been spending some time finishing up my daughter’s room. She is almost 9 months old so it’s about time – haha!
ruffled lamp tutorial
First: Find a lamp. I used a lamp and lamp shade that I found at Target for about $12. I looked at the thrift store for several weeks for one that I could use then gave in and bought one – but still $12 isn’t bad.
make a ruffle lamp
Second: I spray painted the bottom “baby blue” by Valspar that I bought at Lowes.
Third: While my paint was drying, I snipped the edges of some ivory organza I had and ripped it up into strips.
make a ruffle lamp 1
Fourth: Using the method I used to make these ruffled flowers, I ruffled up my strips.
make a ruffle lamp 2
Fifth: I used a glue gun and hot glued my ruffles to the lamp shade.
make a ruffle lamp 3
Sixth: I started on at the very bottom edge on the back side and applied about 3-4 inches of glue at a time and worked my way up the shade until I was done. Since I tore my strips, my lamp is a little shabby – just the way I wanted it!
make a ruffle lamp 4
make a ruffle lamp 5
make a ruffle lamp 6
Last: I attached the lamp shade to the stand and was done!
make a ruffle lamp 7
I love the way it looks in her room! It is so funny how a cute little lamp can make such a big difference!
make a ruffle lamp 8make a ruffle lamp 9
To see more of my daughter’s room and other things I have been working on – stop by and say hello!
Thanks for letting me take over your blog today, Tam!


  1. Oooh how cute! I am redoing a lamp for my daughter's room and this is very similar to what I wanted! I need to get it done! :)

  2. It turned out just beautiful! I love the idea of using the organza. So frilly and girly-just perfect for a nursery! :)


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