Thursday, August 11, 2011

Frayed Zig-Zag Pillow

The inspiration for this throw pillow came from one I saw in a store several months ago. I wish I could remember which store, but I can’t. It was one of those times when your kids are acting up, so I quickly snapped a shot with my phone and got out of there.


Fast forward to last month when I needed a sewing tutorial that could be explained in 5 minutes. I remembered the pillow and discussed it with my neighbor and friend, Char. With her help, we figured out a quick and easy way to make our own version and the result was the frayed zig-zag pillow.


STEP ONE: Start out with two pieces of fabric for the top and bottom of the pillow. These need to be cut 1” smaller than the pillow form. I had a 16” square pillow form, so my pieces of fabric were 15” x 15”.


STEP TWO: Cut 1” slits in a piece of fabric that is the width of your pillow top (15”).


STEP THREE: Rip the fabric at each of the slits.


This will create our strips with frayed edges.


STEP FOUR: Using a fabric pen/pencil, draw lines 1” apart on your pillow top.


STEP FIVE: Take a strip and place it directly over a line right sides together.


STEP SIX: Stitch the strip in place by sewing down the middle of the strip.


Repeat with remaining strips until your pillow top is covered.


STEP SEVEN: We are going to sew along the pillow top every 2” in opposite directions. It’s easiest to sew all one direction first, so mark your pillow top every 2” and then sew the along every other line pushing the strips in the same direction.


You’ll get something like this.


STEP EIGHT: Now flip the pillow top around so you are sewing the strips in the opposite direction and sew along the marked lines that you skipped in step seven. You now have the finished pillow top.


STEP NINE: From there it’s a standard pillow. Sew the top and bottom right sides together leaving an opening to turn out and stuff the pillow form in. Clip the corners, turn out, stuff the pillow form in, and handstitch the opening closed.


Play around with this however you would like: patterned fabric, plain fabric, contrast, etc.

My favorite is the plain white.


What would you do?

Happy sewing!


  1. How fun! I'd put my frayed strips on the diagonal for some pillows and straight for others just to mix it up a bit. What a great way to feature two fun fabrics in the same pillow!


  2. This is really cute! I really like the contrasting colors. Maybe a Gray and Yellow one. I pinned this so I can come back and make it later. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, yes I do really really like the white one!

  4. I love all of them! Do you know the name of the grey and white fabric? I have been searching for curtain fabric forever and that would be perfect!

  5. Super cute Tam! I love the casual texture of the pillows. I love them all, but I agree, the white is just lovely!!

  6. I love it Tam! I need one of these cuties on my couch ASAP! I better get out the machine!

  7. I love it! You have the cutest ideas!

  8. Fabulous idea! I love it! I have 2 great fabrics that I have debating between for a pillow and now I will just use BOTH thanks to your awesome tutorial. Thanks!

    Cheryl @ That's What Che Said

  9. Soooo cute... putting on my list of projects...

  10. A little random but love the wall color in the background! What color is that?


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