Monday, August 8, 2011

Probably Not For the Blog

This post is probably not something for the blog, but I’m going to share it with you anyway.


Last week was pretty hectic for me. I was trying like crazy to get this sewn.


It’s a Newborn Tuxedo.


See I had to get it done last week because yesterday was a pretty big day for my little family. In my church, babies can be given a special blessing, and yesterday was Ryker’s blessing day.


Doesn’t he look so cute, I mean dashing?


Want to see my favorite part? The coattails.


It was a beautiful day spent with loved ones. It was also kind of emotional for me because this is my last baby and therefore, the last baby blessing. It really hit me how fast my kids are growing up and that I won’t be able to hold them in my arms forever. For now, I want to freeze time and try to remember exactly how this feels.


Do you ever have a sudden realization of how blessed you are? When I look at the above picture, it hits me. I’m so lucky, and those four other people in the photo make my life so much more full.


Thanks for letting me get a little personal with you today. I’ll be back tomorrow with a more craft-related post.


  1. It turned out wonderfully Tam! I'm having many of those same realizations lately. It's hard to hold on to the days and not get sucked into the craziness of life. So happy you had a wonderful day!

  2. So cute! I'm in the same boat with my new little one...we're thinking this may be the last baby...and I just don't want her to get bigger!! I fee the same blessed to have my five little creations here with me! Enjoy it now! :)

  3. Love that little tux! So glad you had such a wonderful day yesterday. Their blessing days are always so special.

  4. Oh, he's adorable. I will be having my third within the next week or two. And I keep wondering If I've loved my current two enough, if I've been teaching them enough and having as much fun with them as they need.

    Childhood is so magical and special. I understand what you mean about the feeling of being blessed and especially about wanting to freeze time to enjoy them even longer.
    How lucky we are to be mothers.

  5. It was a perfect post for the blog!! The tux is adorable. You are quite talented. Your family is beautiful. How blessed you are!!

  6. I can't believe you made his blessing outfit! What a special day.

  7. Such an adorable little tux. I can't believe you made it. He looks so handsome. Family is a wonderful thing. The moments together will always be a treasure.


  8. You are blessed indeed! :)
    I am loving that tux too cute!

  9. Love the little tux! We are in the midst of planning my daughter's baby dedication. I'm afraid she's hardly a baby anymore! Time is flying by!

  10. My fourth was my last, and though I didn't officially know it at the time, I guess I sensed it. I took more time to treasure the moments, not in a hurry for him to grow up so fast. Now he is 23, and definitely my last, so I am glad I took the time to enjoy his infancy.

  11. Oh my goodness! What a little angel! I love his little tux!

  12. We blessed my little guy yesterday too. Blessing days are super special. The tux turned out super cute. Congrats on your little one, babies grow-up way too fast.

  13. I know exactly how you feel! I had our 6th baby, a little girl, last week, and I just want to cry as I realize all of her firsts are my lasts. I too just want to freeze time...maybe that's why I blog :) Ryker is darling, and his tux turned out so cute...I mean dashing ;)

  14. New to your blog, but wanted to echo the above comments. Way cute tux!! And there is NO reason you should apologize for posting your project.

  15. That is the most adorable little tuxedo ever!! You have a beautiful family. :)

  16. He looks so handsome!! We are having our last baby next week and it's starting to hit me. You know, not being pregnant again (that's not so bad), not bringing home a new baby again, no more baby blessings.... the list could go on. I am trying to enjoy it!!

  17. Awesome!!! I love the little tails... too cute. You have a beautiful family, thanks for sharing with us.

  18. It's precious, not as precious as Ryker but.... And I'm sure Daddy was feeling that it was the last during the blessing too. Such a beautiful, emotional and spiritual event! Congrats!

  19. What a beautiful day!! Blessing days are just filled to the brim with joy!! Congrats.

    Love the Tux, your amazing to sew that up, on little too no sleep with a newborn. Just darling!!

    Jenn M @


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