Friday, August 12, 2011

Ryker’s Nursery: Part 3 {Crib Bedding}

Finding crib bedding fabric that my husband liked was a bit of a struggle for me. He pretty much thought everything I showed him wasn’t masculine. In his words, “It just doesn’t look like it’s for a boy.”


FINALLY I found a fabric line he approved, Wild Friends by Robert Kaufman, and made the crib bedding.


I used my tutorial for the crib bumper using the modifications for one fabric on each side. I bought the bumper pads from Joanns using a 50% off coupon, and made one long bumper instead of 6 different pieces.


I used my tutorial for the crib skirt as well. However, I didn’t want it ruffled, so I made the skirt sides the same lengths as the crib sides so it would be a straight skirt.


I used my diaper stacker tutorial and used the modifications for the piping on top instead of the ruffle.

(The diaper stacker tutorial is still one of my most popular posts so thank you!)


Since my son has a little reflux, he has to sleep at least at a 45 degree angle, so I made a boppy.


I made it with an invisible zipper so I can remove the covering to wash it.


I love all the different colors in the fabrics. Put them with the orange walls and the green furniture and I think this nursery is coming together nicely. I’m getting closer to revealing the entire room. I’ve got a few more things to finish up, and I can’t wait to show them to you. It’s gonna be good I promise!!!


  1. Looks amazing!! I love how nothing is ever masculine enough for our boys lol. Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Thank you for your baby room posts! We just found out we are expecting a little boy in Jan and I will def be making his bedding :) Cant wait to use your tutorials! Your pictures are all so inspiring!

  3. super cute Tam, you are very talented :)

  4. What cute fabric you ended up using! Seeing all your new bedding/tutorials almost makes me want to make some again. (I made some 8 years ago and used it will all 4 of my boys). I'm not expecting tho. :) If I ever do have more kids, I'll know where to come!

  5. You really are talented in so many ways! I love the colors and especially the color of his crib!

  6. I plan on doing a bumper set with one fabric on each side and doing one long bumper . How much fabric is needed of each color1 I am so confused! Thanks


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