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Ryker’s Nursery: Part 4 {Wall Décor}

Before I jump into my post, can I just tell you how awesome each and every one of you is? This front porch thing really works. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words. They mean more to me than you’ll ever know. You guys seriously made me cry (granted that isn’t too hard these days with my whacked-out hormones), but still you get the idea. It’s nice to know I’m just being a dork with my insecurities, and also nice to know you guys understand my crazy life and my wanting to be the best mom I can be. Why do we as women beat ourselves up over such silly things? Thank you for your support and reassurances. You guys are the best readers, and it boosted my spirits so much to hear from you. I can’t tell you thank you enough, but once more, THANK YOU!


I think a room comes to life when you put things up on the walls. Ready to see what I did for the walls in Ryker’s nursery?


Let’s start with the corner – the shadow boxes and initial.


I started out with these.


The shadow boxes were from Target several years ago, and the initial is from Hobby Lobby ($5 when 50 % off). Spray paint to the rescue. I used Valspar Mediterranean for the initial, and I did the shadow boxes just like the nursery furnitureKrylon Dual Ivy Leaf and Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze.


The rest of the wall décor was inspired by things I saw on Pinterest.


First the Birth Stats print. I made mine in PhotoShop, but you can get buy them HERE from Mosie Posies.Ryker's Birth Stats Print copy

It’s a 16”x20” poster. I just printed it at my local Sam’s Club, which changed the colors a little bit, but it still works.


I found a frame at my local thrift store, then once again turned to my BFF (spray paint) and painted it white.


The wall decals I first saw HERE by Taryn at Design, Dining, & Diapers. I bought them on Etsy from designed DESIGNER. She was able to create a custom order for my wall since I only needed the top half of the wall (from the chair rail up). I was happy about this because it was considerably cheaper.Smile


It adds so much character to the room and I LOVE it!!!


I absolutely loved the way Taryn arranged the decals, so I did mine EXACTLY the same, right down to the extra branch and bird coming off the window.


Can you just see how this room is coming together? It’s so exciting for me!


Just a couple more things and I’ll be able to show you the room in it’s entirety. Stay tuned!


  1. I love everything about the nursery! You did a fabulous job on it! Ryker is one of my favorite boy names too! :)

  2. Super cute! I love how the white trees just pop off of the walls. Looking good! (And I adore the fabric for the curtains. So fun!)

  3. I am loving these posts about decorating Ryker's nursery. So many wonderful ideas.

    I have to specially thank you for this particular post, however. I believe it's the first time we've seen the windows. I have been racking my brain as to what to do with the oddly shaped windows above the "normal" windows in my daughter's room, but haven't wanted to spend the $$$ on custom shutters. Now the light bulb's gone on in my head; I can use fabric! Way less expensive than custom anything else and can be light blocking as well!

    So, thank you again for all the great ideas. His nursery looks awesome.

    And in general, just keep the posts coming =)

  4. I love everything you've done with this nursery, it's amazing! I love the colors and the tree decals are so cute!

  5. Those birds are AWESOME!!! I want some for my room....haha! thanks for all the inspiration & esp the spray paint ideas. Had no idea you could use to for so many things!! I better get some ASAP :)

  6. That room is spectacular!!! And back to yesterday, I'm a total blog stalker, but I can't express enough that I feel the same when I post and get zero response. You have great ideas and I don't know how you make time with the full plate you have!

  7. What a sweet nursery. I love the colors, especially the green. The trees look perfect in there. You did such a great job on all the little details.

  8. His nursery is darling! It belongs in a magazine! It makes my attempt at my baby's nursery look like a child put it together... Thanks for the ideas for our next one! :) <3 <3 <3

  9. darling, darling, darling! I LOVE the trees. You are right, they add so much to the room! Loving the whole thing. :)

  10. It looks amazing!! LOVE that you painted the gold hobby lobby letter and it worked! Totally been wanting those but gold doesn't work in my rooms, can't wait to grab them on sale and paint them!

  11. You did a fabulous job with the room! It turned out beautifully. I'm flattered that you were inspired by my nursery, thanks for the shout out!

  12. I love the trees! It's so fun to see that added in now!

  13. Wow! You are amazing! I love seeing all of your room makeovers. And this is such a fun, bright color choice! I really love the green.

  14. Love your choice of colors. So vibrant.

  15. I *love* this nursery! Great job!

    We have those same arched windows in our bedrooms and I've always wondered if there was a way to cover them (especially since my husband works nights and sleeps during the day) so I'd love to see a post with a closer view and maybe tutorial for what you did there. Such a good idea!

  16. Absolutely love how the room looks! How I wish we didn't have textured walls. I cannot wait for the full room reveal!

  17. Love the tree decor!! So cute!

  18. Stephanie-
    Thank you! I'm planning on posting a tutorial for the window treatment as soon as I get the drapes done. So hopefully, SOON!

  19. I love everything you've done with this nursery, it's amazing!

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