Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sleepy Wrap: My Lifesaver These Days

Having a newborn is a lot of fun! Little babies are so sweet and cuddly, I find myself wanting to hold my little one in my arms all day. However, if I did that nothing would get done around my house. But guess what?! There’s a way I can hold my baby and get things done. How? The Sleepy Wrap.

Baby Wrap | Sleepy WrapNewborn pic

I was sent one of these and absolutely LOVE it!!! Seriously, I don’t think I can emphasize enough how much I love this thing. It is my lifesaver these days. My little guy spends a lot of time in it.


He snuggles right up next to me and drifts off to sleep. So I get the best of both worlds! I get to hold him close to me, and still have my hands free to do everything I need to, like cleaning, foldng laundry, cooking, etc.


We recently went camping. I know camping with a 5-week old sounds crazy, right? Well it was actually very pleasant because I could just hold him in my Sleepy Wrap.


I think he spent the entire 3 days in this thing.


He loves it. I think he likes being next to me and feeling my movements, because it soothes him right to sleep.


As he gets bigger, I can still use it by changing his position.


It’s also very comfortable for me to wear. The fabric is soft and flexible so it’s not restricting or cramping. I wish I’d had one of these for my first 3 kids. It makes my life so much easier. It’s definitely something I would recommend and would be the perfect baby gift!


  1. I have a baby the same age as yours and have been looking at something like that. Question - It looks intimidating to wrap correctly, is it hard to put on, can you do by yourself?

  2. Well, I'm convinced...I'm in the same boat...I have a sling...but it doesn't have any stretch to it! I'm going to go check this out!

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  4. There are days I wish someone could carry me around like that! It looks so comfy!

  5. They are made of knit and easy to wrap after a little practice....I think you can find ones made of a lighter type of cotton material too. I love the knit one I have and the lighter one I made, I highly recommend it as it's the only one that seems to not give me any back problems at all either. Hope that helps!

  6. No kids, but wow this looks so comfy. Nicer thatn the older version.

  7. I have the Maman Kangarou wrap and I love it! Baby wearing is wonderful and so easy! I even breastfed my baby while in line at the grocery store with no one the wiser. I am a pediatric nurse and I recommend baby wraps to all my new and expecting mommies! I also gift all my pregnant friends with one as well. I believe that a baby wrap is essential baby gear!

  8. Very clever. I need a few happy baby gifts - I'm going to check this out!! Thanks!

  9. I also have a sleeping wrap and it has saved my life! It is the best solution for making your baby sleep and it lets you work at the same time. And what is for me the more important: babies love it!

  10. Mine saved my life too! I don't' know how people get along with out one of these!

  11. What a wonderful wrap!! And the pics of you with him in it are fabulous. He is so content!!

  12. I agree with you, these things are the best! My little guy loved every minute in it.

  13. My Sleepy Wrap quite literally saved me with my first. She was colicy, and then even after that DID NOT want to be put down. Ever. She hung out in her Sleepy Wrap 6-10 hours a day, every day, until at around 13months, my pregnant belly was too big to wear her anymore. I switched her to a Boba on my back, made by the same company. When little sister was born, she went in the Sleepy Wrap on my chest with big sis in the Boba on my back. I got my workout and kept both kids happy!!
    Little sister is now 18 months old and still asks to go in the wrap when she is feeling fussy!!

  14. that seriously looks amazing! I will definitely be getting one when we have babies!

  15. LOVED my Sleepy Wrap! I hated when he got too big for it, but quickly got over it when I found the world of woven wraps (same concept, just specially woven fabric for when baby gets too heavy for a stretchy (usually by 15 pounds or so). Just always remember to double check how much baby is curled over -- always want to be sure their airway isn't restricted from being bent over to much when they're being carried in the cradle carry.

    *Don't you love how these things seem to come with sleepy dust? ;) The days mine wouldn't take good naps, I'd pop him in a wrap and he'd drift off to la la land.


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