Monday, August 22, 2011

Vote For Season 3’s “STARS”

Season 3 of “Crafting With the Stars” is going to kick off in just 10 days!!!
This time YOU get to pick the Stars!

Who would you like to work with? Each of these ladies is amazing and extremely talented. We’ve even got some past contestants, including both the Season 1 and Season 2 champions.

So in alphabetical particular order, here are our potential stars.
(Click on their picture to go to their site)
Amanda Crafts by AmandaAmy Positively Splendid
Anna NoodleheadBeth Homes Stories A to Z
Emily Decor ChickGina Shabby Creek Cottage
Heather Whipper BerryJamielyn I Heart Naptime
Kierste Brown Paper PackagesKimbo A Girl and a Glue Gun
Linda Craftaholics AnonymousLorie Be Different Act Normal
Mandi Tidbits from the TremaynesMandi Vintage Revivals
Marian Miss Mustard SeedMichelle Someday Crafts
Shanty 2 ChicThe Crafting Chicks
Wendy Shabby Nest
Now you have a TOUGH decision ahead of you. Cast your vote by selecting your favorite 5. The 12 stars with the most votes will be Season 3’s “STARS”. Polls are open until Thursday, August 25th @ 10 pm MST. Results will be announced Friday, August 26th.


  1. So, I feel like a total nerd for not knowing...but how do you pick the non-stars to work with the stars? Because I've been wanting to get in on this forever, and keep missing that part! Thanks for your time :)

  2. You guys better vote for me...or else.

    Love your guts

  3. typo :o) On your voting tab, one name reads "Mikkala" & should be "Nikkala" (from the Crafting Chicks)

  4. Only 5, seriously? Every single one of these ladies is awesome! How the heck can I narrow it down. Maybe I'll just have to draw straws. LOL!

  5. Too fun! Can't wait to see who the final stars are!

  6. Dude, I am going down-- there's just too much fabulousness up there for me.

  7. Hard vote when they are all very talented,I think they all winners ...."Cookie 17.....

  8. So honored to be in such great company!! :)

  9. This was definitely a tough one and I'm afraid the last one was a draw a straw one. Good luck to all because you really are all winners!

  10. I voted for Mandi @ Vintage Revivals. She is by far my favorite. I visit her blog daily. She is amazing. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

  11. dang, this is really tough!!! I love them ALL!! ;)

  12. Wow I am in good company! All of these ladies are fabulous!! I can't narrow it down to 5... that' way too hard!!

  13. Definitely hard to narrow it down to just 5. So many talented people.

  14. Fabulous and I voted too! Wonderful stars for sure
    They are all terrific

  15. Mandi and Mandi better win, that's all I have to say. :)

  16. So I just came across this contest and I'd LOVE to be apart of it. How do I go about submitting an entry?

  17. I voted for my faves! How do you get chosen to be in the great CWTS? Just curious.
    scissors & spatulas

  18. I would love to be a NON-star! How do we apply?

  19. What a great group of ladies you have here!

  20. I'm with the other girls. How do we apply? I voted by the way!

  21. I voted but you are so right. They are all so very talented it was hard to choose.


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