Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY Glitter Pumpkins (Under $5)!

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through the Dollar Store and came across these pumpkins.
I remembered seeing some glitter pumpkins around, and I thought these would be perfect for transforming (not to mention inexpensive) Smile.
Much better, eh?
To start off with, tape off the stems.
Then give a pumpkin a coat of spray adhesive.
At this point we tried several different methods (rolling the pumpkin in glitter, tapping, etc.), and we found that the best method was to put some glitter in a Ziploc bag, throw the spray-adhesived pumpkin in, and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!
I used Martha Stewart glitter because that’s what I had on hand. Colors: Fire Opal, Yellow Barite, and Brownstone.
Of course shaking won’t cover the entire pumpkin perfectly, but it does get the majority. After it’s pretty much coated, take the pumpkin out of the bag and alternate spraying the adhesive with tapping glitter on areas where needed. Once it’s completely covered to your liking, spray the entire pumpkin with a clear coat to seal the glitter so it doesn’t flake off and get everywhere. I used Krylon Crystal Clear.
Then go ahead and set them out.
They go with my Halloween décor much better than the originals, don’t you think?
If you want another variation of pumpkins, check out my fabric pumpkin tutorial from last year.
Come back tomorrow for more Halloween décor!


  1. I passed right by those pumpkins! Thanks for the glitter tips! I can recover chairs, sew wedding dresses, reupholster, and paint, but glitter was beyond my reach until now! What a great idea that is! I just glittered some snowman heads and I am still sparkle from head to toe!


  2. Great idea! I love Blingy pumpkins!!! =)

  3. I just love the pumpkins! And what a great method to put them in the bag! Much less mess and more effective. Thanks so much for sharing!


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