Monday, September 26, 2011

Halloween Oreo Pops

I’ve seen Oreo pops all over and for every season, so this past weekend my girls and I made some of our own.


A Jack-O-Lantern, witch, ghost, and turkey (at least it’s supposed to be a turkey).


Now I know mine are definitely NOT professional-looking. (I don’t seem to have the knack for this type of stuff). But we had a lot of fun in the kitchen. Just look at that smile.


Totally makes it worth it! Plus even though they don’t look very fab, they tasted yummy.



- Double Stuf Oreos

- Almond Bark (we used white and milk chocolate)

- Orange and green food coloring

- Mentos

- Candy corn (chocolate kind)

- Black icing

- Popsicle sticks

- Twizzlers (for the witch’s mouth so you only need a little)

- Witch’s hat (found at Hobby Lobby)


We found Double Stuf Oreos worked best because there was more room to put the candy corn and popsicle stick in.

I also liked using popsicle sticks better than the lollipop sticks because the lollipop sticks were a little too thick. The popsicle sticks slid in better.

For the Jack-O-Lantern and witch, we used orange and green food coloring in the white almond bark. The ghost was just white almond bark and the turkey was milk chocolate.


What fun Halloween things have you done with your kiddos?


  1. I have to try and do those, even if it may not be good for my diet. They are so cute.

  2. I've been wanting to make these! Yours are super cute!!

  3. OK, that is the CUTEST turkey I have ever seen! Seriously - he looks so surprised, I'm cracking up over here. I LOVE him. I must make some of my own!!

  4. Hi Tam, you're an amazing woman. I loved knowing that the family do-re-mi ... these talents of Wonder Woman, flanked by a generous husband and 4 beautiful and happy children's, only gives us great pleasure to meet you ...
    Love Dolly


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