Monday, September 19, 2011

Reading Treat Box

My oldest daughter started Kindergarten earlier this month, so we have now entered the world of “reading daily” as part of homework. I wanted to make it a little more fun for my kids, so I came up with this Reading Treat Box.

Reading treat box

Let’s take a look at the other side.

Tracking side

Confused? Stay with me.

Reading is a treat, so what better way to make it that way than with actual treats? These books open up.

Treat side

Each day she reads she gets a little treat. I painted the inside cover of the top book with chalkboard paint, and my daughter can make hash marks for each day she reads. Once she reaches 7 (one week), she can have a bigger treat. Once she reaches 4 weeks, she can have the biggest treat from the one month book.


I found these neat cardboard books that open up at Hobby Lobby.

 Cardboard books

After some spraypaint, I glued them all together using my glue gun. The apple and worm chipboard pieces also came from Hobby Lobby and were stuck on with hot glue as well.


Next I cut out all the black wording in vinyl with my Silhouette, and last filled the 3 books with some of my daughter’s favorite treats.

Reading treat box (2)

So far it’s working really well. My daughter is excited to read daily, and doesn’t ever miss a day because she’s anxious to get her goodies.


Happy Reading! It’s a TREAT!


  1. I love reading! I could waste...I mean spend many hours of a day just reading. x

  2. LOVE this idea! My daughter is in the same situation, I just made her a reading nook for the same reason. When I was at work she told my husband 'I just love my reading corner daddy!'

    Bet your daughter feels the same way. Makes it all worth it.

  3. I really love that idea. I'm going to have to pin it for when my son is reading.

  4. So freaking Cute! OMG I love to read and I think this is an adorable and awesome way to get your kiddo excited!!!! I'm totally book marking this idea! Thanks for sharing!


  5. That is such a cute idea! :) Love it!

  6. Clever. I love the way it looks as well as how quick and to the point it is. The best part is that it is a great visual for the children to see exactly what they earn and what their goal is. Smart and very developmentally appropriate as well.

  7. This is just brilliant!!! Love, love, love!!!


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