Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Wallpaper: Guest Post: {Real Housewives of BC}

Have you linked up YOUR Round 3: Fabric project? Prizes will be given to the top 3 viewed links. GO HERE to enter yours. Linky party open until Saturday, October 22nd @ 6 pm MST.

Coming in 1st place for Round 3 was Jess & Monica {Real Housewives of BC} with their Fabulous Fabric Wallpaper.


Let’s see how they did it.

What are girls to do when they CAN'T SEW and are part of a fabric challenge? Hmm... well, we're kind of lovin' wallpaper lately, so we thought we'd use fabric in a non-traditional (and non-sewing) way!
Fabric Wallpaper
I had ordered some fabric a few months back, but never used it.  Amazingly there was just the right amount to cover the width of my office wall.  While we're talking about my office... this is a judgment free zone, so go easy on me about the state of my office. Yikes!
There wasn't enough fabric to cover the whole wall, so we came up with the idea to put board and batten below the fabric.  The big decision was what color to paint the molding... Grey, White, or Yellow.  We kind of hold to a "Go Big or Go Home" mentality, so we went with yellow! Darn that the color paint we bought wasn't made correctly and looked like Sunshine Yellow, not a cool muted color. 
Once the paint was dry (ok, well almost dry) it was time to start working on the fabric.  We measured the height and cut accordingly.  We left about 6" extra that we trimmed later. 
This is NOT a glamorous process... it's a lot of holding & pinning and really would be great with two people, but with only one ladder, Jess got to give advice from below and take awesome pics of me!
There are lots of methods for hanging fabric, but we thought the pin & staple was our best option.  We used pins to get it lined up correctly.
Somehow we forgot to take a picture of the stapling process, but it's simple... just staple along the edges. After stapling, we used a razor to trim the edges. 
Once again we were wrapping up a project at midnight... Jess is awesome at styling, so before she headed home, she got to work on the desk accessories.  The Love sign is something we made for our etsy shop, but I kinda love it, so I haven't listed it!
The next morning we finished all the painting and got to work on the rope.  Unfortunately, rope doesn't come in many colors...just rope color.  So, we decided to stain it grey.  I had no idea my table stain would get so much use! It gave the rope just the look we were going for!
We used a hot glue gun to adhere the rope around the outside edge. 
We liked the idea of adding a cool detail, and we also had to hide the staples!
We couldn't be happier with the finished product!
The total cost was under $50.00 (and most of that was for the gallon of paint we didn't even use!)
It totally looks like wallpaper and at a fraction of the cost.
I'm so glad this challenge inspired us to finish my office!
So, how's that for a fabric project from two girls that can't sew? 
Monica & Jess
**Thanks Tam! We can't wait to see what everyone has in store for the final round of CWTS!**

If you know me and know how much I LOVE yellow, then this shouldn’t come as any surprise that I now want this for my office. The yellow board and batten was pure genius!!! It’s the perfect touch!
SOOO excited to see what’s coming up in the final round! Good luck ladies!


  1. Man, that is beautiful! Looks like a ton of work though!

  2. It looks amazing! I love the color and the wainscoting and the fabric is to die for! I love love love it! And I don't blame you for not listing your love sign. It is too sweet. Nice work!


  3. This was my FAV project! Love it! Great job

  4. Breathtaking. Love the colors. What an unbelievable bang for the buck!


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