Saturday, October 22, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover: Guest Post {Corner House}

Today is the last day to link up YOUR Round 3: Fabric project! Prizes will be given to the top 3 viewed links. GO HERE to enter yours. Linky party open until Saturday, October 22nd @ 6 pm MST.

Finishing 3rd place in Round 3 was Laura {Corner House} with her Master Bedroom Makeover.

Doesn’t it just blow your mind that she did all of this in one week?!


Here’s Laura to tell us more about it:

Originally my Round 3 fabric project was going to be a full bedding set like this pillow.
But then on Wednesday night I realized that a queen-sized comforter covered in those ruffly half circles was just way TOO much fabric for my little sewing machine to handle and there was no way I had time to apply them by hand, so I had to rethink what my project would be.  That was when I decided that if I was going to get eliminated (because I only had a few days to figure out something new), I might as well get eliminated making something that would make me happy. 
This room makes me happy.  I already had the chair (although it looked like someone had died in it) and one of the night stands in my hoard of old junk, and I have had my eye on the Sandi Henderson Secret Garden fabric for some time, so I was very happy to finally have a excuse to buy 16 yards of it. 
Today I am going to share with all of you how made my head board.  I love it.  The boards I chose where 1X8 pine boards cut to 60 inches.  As usual I had the guys at Home Depot cut them for me.  (It saves so much time.)   I also bought two 1X4s, and a box of 2.5 inch wood screws and about 8.5 yards of fabric for the curtains.
After painting and adding some wood molding to the wall I started the headboard by screwing the 1x4s into the studs in the wall.  I used 4 screws per piece of wood.  Next, starting at the ceiling I nailed the 1x8 into the boards using 4 nails per piece.  I saved out 2 pieces of 1x8 to create the cornice box thingy at the top.

To create the cornice box top I first took pieces of 2x2 cut to 8 inches long.  I screwed them into the ceiling with 3 screws.  Then I measured the length from the wall to the end of the 2x2 add 1 inch and cut down one of the boards I set aside, so I had 2 shorter pieces of the 1x8.

I nailed the shorter piece into the headboard and the 2x2 on each side.  Then I nailed in the long board on the front (one nail into the 2x2 from the front and 3 from the short piece on the side.)  To nail in the long board I did also have to get husband to hold the board up while I nailed it in.  So you will want to have someone helpful on hand.

Then I used Minwax Water Based Express Color satin in walnut, mixed with water, to satin the wood.  I wanted it to have a kinda old look to it and watering down the satin really helped achieve that look.    I used a dry brush to apply it in sections and then used a lint free clean cloth to rub it in.

Once the stain was dry I used a staple gun to hang the curtain.  To make the curtains I cut the fabric to the height of the wall.  Then I folded over the bottom to hem it and left it folded in half so both sides of the curtain were the pretty side of the fabric.  When stapling the fabric to the cornice box I made sure the fabric would just barely pool at the floor.  I stapled each end to the inside ends of the cornice box.  Then I found the middle of the fabric and stapled it to the middle and then stapled those middles.

It makes such a great statement in the room.  I will give tutorials for recovering the lampshades, making the pillows, up-cycling the nightstands, and recovering the chair on my blog starting sometime next week. You know, when all this Crafting with the Stars stuff is over and I have time to write a bunch of tutorials.  I am so excited that the finals are so close. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for the final round. I am sure it is going to be awesome.

Love it! Love it! Love it! What a transformation!!! That pillow is absolutely GORGEOUS! Can’t wait for the tutorial for that.

Are you guys in as much anticipation as I am to see what’s coming in Round 4?

Good luck Laura!!!


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