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Round 1: Knockoff Projects–Time to VOTE!!

After all the weeks of getting this season ready, I hope you guys are as excited as I am to have the competition finally under way. Round 1 projects were Knockoff, and our contestants came up with some fantastic things. You are allowed to choose three projects to vote for, so scroll through all of them, and place your vote at the bottom of this post. Voting will be open until Tuesday, October 4th @ 10 pm MST.


Let the competition begin!


Project #1: Theater Room

Who would’ve guessed that Crafting with the Stars would help me get a Christmas present completed?? My sister has an amazing family room that she’s decorated with a filmstrip wallpaper border and those life-size movie character cut-outs. But it’s always seemed to be missing a little something…


…I thought she needed the WHOLE SET of theatre-room décor available from Ballard Designs (Pottery Barn has some similar items). Unfortunately, to get all six pieces, you’d have to cough up more than $300!!xcollage_thumb[1]

My version costs less than $30 (one 4’ x 8’ piece of luaun, a 1” dowel, some trim molding, and what paint I didn’t already own). It includes three double-sided film reels, vintage-looking “Theatre” and “Ticket” signs (those are my favorite!), a working chalkboard-clapboard, and as a bonus—a “Hollywood” star personalized for her family!


Whew! One present down…73 to go!



Project #2: PB Canvas Number Art with a Colorful, Whimsical Twist

My project is based on Pottery Barn’s Canvas Number Art.

This project was pretty easy. I picked up random house numbers from Home Depot, and Roberts Crafts. A 16x20 Canvas from Walmart, and some spray paint too.

I spray painted the house numbers, used some black foam letters, and had whimsical fun embellishing it with buttons, rosettes, and flowers. Everything was hot glued down, and holds really well.



Project #3: Anthropologie Ordinal Dresser

Dear Anthropologie, while I love your Ordinal Dresser… there’s nothing ordin-ary about the
price tag. No sweat, I’ve got it covered.

Pic 1_thumb[1]

I took an old, ugly dresser that I already owned (read:FREE!) and gave it the royal sanding,
staining, and painting treatment.

Pic 2-1_thumb[1]

I had to sand the heck out of this piece...This dresser was not giving up its creamy white
finish without a fight! It took a few hours and two orbital sanders, but I ended up with the
perfect wood tones for the knockoff. Using a jigsaw to get rid of the scrolly bottom and giving
the drawers some clean lines was a must. Anthro’s dresser had a metal top and sides, but I
just got crafty with some spray and acrylic paints and created a fabulous faux finish.

Pic 3_thumb[1]

Painting the numbers was definitely the most stressful part of the transformation, but they
sealed the deal in making the dresser a bonafide replica of Anthropologie’s beauty. I absolutely adore this piece!


Project #4: The Executive Chest

I used my "leave it in the rain" technique (literally!) to complete the finish on the box. On the interior of the box, I added the seat of a director's chair that fits just snugly into the box. I sewed a couple pleats into the fabric to create pockets, trimmed the edges with zippers, brightened the top with buttons in shades of ivory and cream and turned a tuna can into storage with a little help from an extra zipper.
I considered using metal legs from an old suitcase stand so that my piece would be completely portable, but instead I went off the rails a bit with the legs and chose to use birch branches. I wanted them to twist in crazy ways to contrast the stiffness and symmetry of the box and almost look like they would topple over with the slightest hint of a breeze. I even left a few of the legs cut inches off the ground to add to the effect.

Project #5: Oil-Rubbed Bronze Planter Boxes
I am thrilled to be here and be able to share this knock off with you! I was inspired by the Restoration Hardware's sheet metal planter. I knew that with a little wood and trim---along with Oil-Rubbed Bronze paint---I could pull off this look.
I used a basic box construction with 2x12 lumber. Some trim on the top to make it look extra special. A small shelf inside holds the plant in place. Mums for fall...maybe ferns for summer :)
I adhered a small plaster medallion in the center prior to painting the entire piece out in Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint.
All ready for fall! And I saved a bundle!
Project #6: Decorative Ledge
With so many blog parties featuring seasonal mantle decorating - and not having a mantle at my house - I was getting a little bummed. After mentioning this to my Crafting With The Stars “star”, we came up with the perfect piece to knock off for Round 1: The Pottery Barn Decorative Ledge. An incredible bonus was that I already had most of the supplies on hand – even for such a HUGE project! (Mine is over four feet long, fifteen inches tall and ten inches deep!)

I love the paint treatment of this piece as much as I love its chunky shape. Layers and layers (eight layers in all) of chippy, peeling paint. Gorgeous! And now I have the perfect piece to pretty up each season…for way less than the $399 Pottery Barn price tag!
Project #7: Halloween Decor
I may love Halloween decorating a little TOO much, but there are just so many awesome decorations out there I couldn’t stop at just one knockoff. So I made 3 to complete my goth/glam vignette.
Can you believe that a set of 3 of those white bejeweled pumpkins from Horchow is $195. What? Who is paying that??? Seriously. My knockoffs were under $30 for the set of 3, and I realized (as I was making the last one) that I could have done all 3 of them for about $16. I guess you live and learn. I will make sure to show you guys the cheap way so you can do a little more living, and a little less kicking yourself for doing it the expensive way. But still $30 is a lot less than $195, and they are awesome.
I think my favorite is the spider web painting. I saw Martha's spider web window cling and thought it was perfect... almost. Instead of just sticking a piece of plastic to a window, I created the orange dot painting. And mine says "Family" in it, making it totally meaningful. I should let you know web drawing, unlike web slinging, is super easy. I promise to show you how, and then you will be like "dude I am awesome, I don't need to buy a $10 window cling. I will just draw one with my less than a dollar sharpie." Anyway, enjoy the eye candy.
Project #8: Wood Plank Storage Bench
I've been pining over this Ballard Designs Wood Plank Storage Bench for months now, but I didn't love the price - $449, and that doesn't even include shipping! Crafting with the Stars was the perfect opportunity for me to finally get my butt in gear and make it! And I so excited because I was able to make it at a fraction of the price!
This bench is crafted out of plywood, beadboard, liquid nails, wooden dowels, tin, and burlap. With a rustic, yet sophisticated tufted burlap seat. This project is a good beginner-type project. I used the 04 on the front instead of 84 to make it more personable for our home.
One of the best things about the bench is that the seat lifts off for extra storage! Now I have a place to stash all of the kids’ toys when company comes over!
Project #9: Pottery Barn Headboard Knockoff
I chose to knockoff the Pottery Barn Seagrass Headboard.









The king-size headboard retails for $499, plus a $75 handling fee in addition to tax and shipping. I loved the texture and look of this headboard but I didn't love the price. My knockoff version cost less than $130! I used an old door that was collecting dust in our garage, some manila rope (Home Depot), and a whole lot of hot glue.

I used a handsaw to cut the door down to the right size. I chose this manila rope because I love the dimension of the color; it really adds to the overall finished look. I wanted something a little darker than seagrass, so it would stand out against the wall color. This rope already has a nice, somewhat woven look; so all I had to do was glue it on the door. Sounds easy right? Well, it was, for the most part. It just took a long time. In the end all the time spent ,and hot glue gun burns were totally worthwhile!












I started gluing down the rope on one end, moved in about halfway, and then went over to the other end. As I got closer to the middle section of the door the rope started to curve a little which was a really happy surprise. This added just one more special detail that makes my version a bit more interesting! I'm so in love with my new headboard! I like my version better! The straight top gives it a more masculine feel which is just perfect against the soft white, fluffy bedding!



Project #10: Arsenic and Old Lace

I call this dress Arsenic and Old Lace, it is a knock-off of the Exquisitely Edgy Dress from Mod Cloth. This dress grabbed my attention the moment I saw it, sophistication with a twist of lace. Since this dress is meant for the holidays, I added a few things to the dress: sleeves, length & a neckline. Who really wants to bare it all in winter, or any time really?

With four box pleats in front and two in back, this dress hangs perfectly and has just enough flounce for a twirl on the dance floor.

The cut black lace is strategically placed to any who look fully intrigued.



Project #11: Nate Berkus Knockoff Rug
When I found out the first round was knockoff, I was like bring it! I apparently have an enormous amount of crap to work with when it comes to doing husband is calling hoarders. mildly kidding, sort of. I decided to knock off Nate's rug from his apartment in NY. All I had to buy was the wide painters tape, which was like $5 at Wal-Mart.
CWTS rug before_thumb[1]
After a little paint and tape, I had this....and I love it!!! The rug was originally from Dollar General for $10. Quite the upgrade now!
nate rug knock off 6nate rug knock off 1_thumb[1]



Project #12: Queen Bee and Me Necklace

Anthro Neck Knock Off_thumb[1]

When I saw this darling necklace from Anthropologie, I was in love. The one thing I didn't love was the price tag- which at $88 was a little out of my price range. That's when I decided to do what I do best! Knock it off! With a few simple crafting materials I already had at home {even better!}, I was able to re-create this beauty for about $5!

Anthro Neck Knock Off Pic 2_thumb[1]

I love Mommy & Me looks, and just knew that this necklace would not only make such a stylin' mama piece, but would also be oh-so-cute for kids. I had enough materials to make one for a a mama and little girl in my life and I love the way they turned out! What a fun way to create a matching set for the little girl (or two or three) in your life!


Umm…are you kidding me?!

Wow there’s some crazy talent going on here!!!

So pick your favorite three projects below to cast your vote.

Voting will be open until Tuesday, October 4th @ 10 pm MST. Good luck everyone!


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