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Round 3: Fabric Projects {VOTING TIME}

In case any of you are interested, I am going to be on “Good Things Utah” tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. It’s ABC Channel 4 if you are in Utah. I’ll post a link to the segment for everyone else.

If you wouldn’t mind….please pray that I don’t embarrass myself on LIVE T.V. {or go bright red which I tend to do when the attention is on me}.

Now on to the competition:
Are you guys ready for Round 3: Fabric?
This week you will be voting for THE FINAL THREE, so please look through all the projects, then cast your vote at the end.
Polls will remain open until tomorrow (Tuesday, October 18th) @ 10 pm MST.

Project #1: Fabric + Old Windows = Fun Headboard!

I struggled this, a lot! I was going to paint some fabric and that didn't go as planned...I don't sew. My sewing machine is basically a giant paper weight, so I needed to be a little more creative. So, I made my daughters some headboards and painted them some curtains!!

Headboard before

I painted the striped curtains with hot pink paint and a white twin top sheet from Wal-Mart. After I painted the striped curtains, I painted the old window frames I picked up at a flea market for $10 each. They started red and I switched it up to a much more girly pink! I planned to paint a multi-colored chevron to use for the headboards...epic fail.

I may have had a mild nervous break down.

After I decided it wasn't the end of the world, I headed to Joann's for some fabric. While I am perusing, but what to my wondering eye should appear, but a perfect striped chevron and eight tiny reindeer. Seriously, they already had their Christmas crap out! I passed on the reindeer and picked up the fabric and a few more fun ones for pillows! For the headboard, I just stapled the Chevron fabric to the back of the old windows and screwed them to the wall. I took the lazy way out on the pillows...heatbond tape. It's my guilty sewing just my trusty iron. The iron only gets used for heat bond and to iron on Girl Scout patches....I do not iron our clothes. Oh, no my secrets out :) The girl's love their new room and I couldn't be more pleased and I only had one mildly neurotic episode!!

Headboard after 1
headboard after 2

Project #2: French Industrial Ottoman
Do you want to hear something funny? When chatting with my "star" a couple of weeks ago, she asked me what supplies I had on hand for projects. I told her that I didn't really have much. Which turned out to be totally wrong...because I didn't have to buy one single thing for this project! Um, yeah, apparently that full closet should have been a giveaway!
Using wood I had on hand, fabric I picked up this summer at $4 a yard, leftover stain from other projects, some jute, a glue gun, stuffing from pillows that I had replaced with feather inserts, old casters and a paint pen, I created this french industrial ottoman.
The piping is custom made with fabric-wrapped jute. The stenciled pallet is personalized with a special date - each part on one block - and gently distressed. The script and post mark are hand-painted onto linen-like material.
I love the yummy mix of french script and industrial wood and casters. You?

Project #3: Lucy’s Very Hungry Caterpillar
I would like you to meet Lucy (the daughter of my dear friends). Lucy was born prematurely with health problems that necessitated her being fed with a feeding tube, and she was never able to be fed by mouth. At about 18 months of age, although she was (and is) still mostly fed directly to her stomach, Lucy’s parents were finally able to introduce her to what it means to EAT! It is a slow and often frustrating process, but Lucy is gradually learning what to do with food in her mouth! Her mother decided that to celebrate Lucy’s new “skill”, in conjunction with her 2nd birthday, she would have a Very Hungry Caterpillar party!
Lucy 1b_thumb[1]
I invented this 26” x 20” fabric picture with Lucy in mind, based on Eric Carle’s delightful illustrations. The caterpillar is appliqued felt and fabric onto a machine-quilted background. Ninety-seven handmade fabric buttons were used to create his body, seven different fabric flowers on rick-rack stems make up his playground, and a teeny-tiny bug with yarn antennae is his playmate. Oh, and don’t forget his fuzzy back, created from red and blue yarn just like his pictures!
Lucy 3_thumb[1]
Who wants to go to a party without a buddy? I made Lucy a 4.5-foot long stuffed caterpillar for a companion! He is made from the softest minky fabrics with a long purple antennae (perfect to hang on to when she decides to take a ride) and little brown boot feet peeking out under his tummy.
Lucy 2_thumb[1]
And what does a caterpillar turn into when he grows up? A beautiful butterfly! The bright orange butterfly wings are built onto a wire frame. They are embellished with colorful “stripes” and yo-yo flowers to echo the bright colors of the caterpillar picture! Maybe (we hope) wearing butterfly wings will remind Lucy to eat up so she can grow up healthy and strong like the caterpillar! (Lucy does like to eat gravy, spaghetti sauce, and Brazilian limeade…she is developing some good tastes!)

Project #4: Fabric Wallpaper
When I hear the word "fabric", I automatically think of window treatments, pillows, and clothing. I could have gone that route, but why not use fabric in a super fun way? How about wallpaper?!! My office workspace desperately needed some color and pizazz and that's exactly what it got!
The first step was cutting the fabric to size, and since this room has vaulted ceilings with a sloped roof, I made sure to measure twice (or fifty times!) and cut once. Once it was cut, I used pushpins to hold it in place while I made sure the fabric fit perfectly. After that, I simply stapled the fabric along the edges using a staple gun, and pulled the pushpins out as I went.
For the finishing touch, and to add a bit more detail, I took regular old rope from Lowe's and rubbed a gray stain on it to match the fabric. Once it was not soaking wet dry I hot-glued the rope around the edges..
I absolutely adore this bold, modern fabric that has a sort of vintage feel. This room has such a "WOW" factor now, that even the toughest critic (my hubby) loves it!
Talk about making a statement with fabric!

Project #5: Yo-Yo Blossom Quilt
For the first two projects, I sorta went over my crafting budget for the month. So, for this project I made a goal not to spend any money. I made this bright and cheery Yoyo blossom Quilt! All with fabric that I already had at my house! This is a great project to use up all of those fabric scraps you have in your sewing stash!
The quilt is made with fabrics from Sandi Henderson, Amy Butler, Jennifer Paganelli, Joel Dewberry, and Moda. It has a fun purple damask ruffle around the edge, and I made 100 yoyos of
different sizes that are sewn to the top of the quilt.
This quilt will be a whimsical and colorful addition to my daughter's room!

Project #6: Master Bedroom Makeover
Fabric week!! I am so excited!!! Fabric week was the perfect excuse to FINALLY decorate my master bedroom.
Headboard 1_thumb[1]
This room design was so needed. For as long as I have been married we have had a mattress on a frame and rubbermaid containers for nightstands (super classy).
Headboard 2_thumb[1]

Doing this project was kinda like being on an episode of Trading Spaces (only I was the homeowner, the contractor, and the crazy designer.... I guess that makes my "Star" Paige Davis.) For this makeover I used over 16 yards of fabric. First I had to paint the walls and ceiling, put up molding, and upcycle some $5 nightstands. Then I made the headboard with the fabric curtains, recovered a thrift store chair, made a few pillows ( I especially love my Rivlet for Anthropologie inspired ruffle pillow), covered some lamp shades (more fabric), and made myself a minky blanket.
Headboard 3_thumb[1]
yeah... I built that beautiful headboard myself. I kinda just want to sit in my new comfy chair, wrap myself in my minky throw and look at it. I think I have a new place to sit and hide while I read.
Sweet Dreams!

You’ve got a tough decision, but please cast your vote!
Remember voting is open until Tuesday, October 11th @ 10 pm MST.
Come back tomorrow to link up YOUR Round 3: Fabric projects.


  1. There are some great projects this round!!!

  2. Wow.. so hard to vote! They all deserve this round! : )

  3. I can't wait to find out whose is whose, cause I want the tutorial on a few - like now! Great job everyone!

  4. Wow! That was the hardest vote for sure!!!! All these projects are so amazing! Great work everyone! :)

  5. You have been quite busy, missy!! I'll be watching!!

  6. Irrespective of who I voted for, I had to stop by and say that I loved the head board in the project no. 6. Pinned it :)

  7. I was extremely impressed with all these projects--and I had to laugh at the writing in project #1--I am so WITH you! My iron, the only one we own, is only for crafting; my sewing machine hates me (in fact, it's glaring at me right now from inside the hall closet, I can tell) and the only "successful sewing" I've done used either fabric glue or heat and bond!

    I wish I could link a picture to you: I have the cutest lil felt "half-eaten" Gingerbread man from Christmas 2007, still PINNED together with strings hanging off and my horrible sewing (about an inch long, I kid you not) clearly visible. I may just glue the sides together and turn it into a Christmas ornament this year, bc my 5yo thinks it's funny as all get out!

    So, you're not alone!!


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