Monday, October 24, 2011

Round 4: Home Decor Projects–VOTE For Your Champion!

Can you believe it is time for the 4th and FINAL Round of Season 3: Home Décor?

This week you only get ONE vote and will be voting for your champion, so please look at each of them and choose your favorite!

Polls will remain open until tomorrow (Tuesday, October 25th) @ 10 pm MST.

Project #1: Rustic Pallet Wall Bedroom
Welcome to this itty bitty bedroom, which was once a walk-in closet.  An 8x10 room definitely poses some design challenges, but that was no excuse for the white, bare walls!
Using shipping pallets, I gave this little boy a wooden wall that makes me swoon with jealousy (why didn't I do this project in the master bedroom?!?)
The walls were painted a cool, blue-grey and the pallets were white-washed using the wall color, white, and some bold navy.  The wall is pretty amazing, but the industrial light fixtures just put me right over the edge! I love how they cast a glow and bring out all the yummy wood tones...speaking of which, the color tones in the room are my favorite, and make me want to curl up and read a book! 
I couldn't stop at the pallet wall, so I made a message board for over the little guy's bed.  It's chalkboard on one side and cork board on the other.  The distressed stencil letters were just the right finishing touch. 
The wall art and book ledge were hung at "kid height", which also fits well with the scale of the space.  This room might have some seriously fabulous style, but it's still just right for my little man and he's pretty thrilled about being the lucky recipient of a Round 4 project!

Project #2: Barn Doors Train Bedroom

Home Decor is such a crazy theme, no? Especially when Crafting with The Stars is ANONYMOUS and I can't show you parts of our house that you would recognize. Oh, how I LOVE a challenge!

For the final round, I took a plain old bedroom...

...added DIY BARN DOORS, a DAYBED, TRAINS, TRAINS & MORE TRAINS... a super cool ROLL AWAY TRAIN TABLE that slides right under the bed on casters...

To create the PERFECT RETREAT for a very special little boy!

Project #1: Vintage Superhero Bunkroom
Once upon a time there was a little boy who did not care to use the potty.  He was old enough to use the potty and knew how to use the potty... he just didn't want to use the potty.  His Mom tried everything, then one day she told him she would give him anything in the world if he would just ALWAYS use the potty and not go potty in his pants anymore.  He told her that he wanted a big yellow bed.  And his Mom said, "Done, you start using the potty and I will get you a big yellow bed."

Behold the big yellow bed!
I am SO in love with this room.  I started by painting what I like to call a "paint chip effect" on the walls.  Doesn't it look like a giant paint sample card thingy?  Then on one wall I painted a city-scape to play into the vintage superhero theme.  It was fun to see all the buildings take form.  Then came building the bunk wall entirely from raw lumber.  I LOVE it.  We are talkin' serious awesomeness and serious amounts of work.  Lots and lots of wood, lots of screw-driving, and lots of sanding and painting.  To finish it off I painted frames around vintage superhero signs.

I may not have slept for days, but it will be so worth it when the super heroes see their new room.  I promise to finish building the ladders and safety rails before I let the boys enjoy their big yellow bed.



I love how each of them did a boys’ room makeover! Great minds think alike, huh?

Each one of these is so incredible!!!

Voting is open until Tuesday, October 25th @ 10 pm MST.

Come back tomorrow to link up YOUR Round 4: Home Decor projects.


  1. All are so amazing, what a high calibre of talent!

  2. I can't believe we all did little boy rooms!!!! Awesome!!!

  3. I love them all! So hard to choose! No matter who wins the contest, all of the little boys won FANTASTIC rooms!

  4. Amazing work ladies! We all have some happy little guys on our hands now! Good luck!

  5. Wow! Great job ladies. Im a sucker for the vintage superero since I live with a little superhero mak oj ng a vintage room for him! Good luck to you all!

  6. Oh my gosh voting on this one was so hard!

  7. I don't think I can vote because I seriously can't choose. I'm gonna have to stew about it for awhile.

  8. great work done by all!!! these are just amazing!!

  9. Holy cow!!! Amazing job ladies!!!!

  10. Wow, that was a TOUGH decision! They are all so incredible!

  11. These were all so amazing. So hard to pick just one. Great job ladies!

  12. That was so hard! I love them all!

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