Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beach Plank Sign

Today I am going to share with you my
Beach Plank Sign.
Beach Plank Sign & Rope Lamp 
I went to Lowes and bought (3) 8 ft boards that are 1” thick and 6” wide. Lowes was fabulous and cut the boards in half for me, so I had (6) 4 ft pieces. I used 5 of them and sanded them down to get rid of any splinters.
Then I used Rustoleum Dark Walnut to stain my boards.
After that I took some brackets to attach the boards together. I put mine together pretty tightly so all the pieces were flush horizontally, and the entire thing acted as one solid piece.
I made this for a friend and she liked the planks staggered a little.
I used my Silhouette to cut a few stencils out of vinyl. The entire seashell was bigger than could be cut on my machine (this is before I had my Cameo, so that won’t be a problem again).
BTW….Silhouette is having a HUGE Black Friday sale. 30% off (except Cameo, gift cards, and downloads), plus if you use code DANGCUTE you get an extra 10% off, so 40% off!!!
The CAMEO will be discounted on a secret link (which I will share with you Friday). Once on the secret link, get the discount for the Cameo by using CODE DANGCUTE!!!
Anyway, I had to break it up and cut two stencils, then overlaid them to make one. The beach font is Script MT Bold.
Next I grabbed some white DecoArt and painted over the stencils.
Once the paint was dry, I removed the stencils.
Last I sanded the entire thing a bit to give it more of a weathered/beach look.
Beach Plank Sign & Rope Lamp
Using this same method, I recently made a
Parisian Plank Sign.
The possibilities are endless!


  1. Really nice!!! They both look fantastic - well done!

  2. Love love love this sign! I think I might have to make one like this! :)


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