Saturday, November 19, 2011

What You Didn’t Know About the Cameo

I was lucky enough to be asked by Silhouette to review their new Cameo cutting machine.



If you read my blog at all, then you know how much I love my SD. I’ve used it for TONS of different projects including:

     ABC Magnets                                             Appliques on a quilt


             Vinyl                                                                  Stencils


and many more.


So if I’ve been able to do so much with the SD, what’s so great about the Cameo. I mean besides the extra 3” (SD was 9”, Cameo is 12”).


Here’s what I found to be some of the improvements:

1. A Pause button. This one is HUGE for me. I can’t tell you the number of times I wish I could have used this. Usually it’s because I messed up and started printing too soon (spelled something wrong, forgot to reverse the image, etc.).


I also really like the light-up screen. It’s seems a little fancier to me, which makes me feel cool, but if you like to craft at night it can also be handy.


2. It loads your medium (paper, vinyl, heat transfer, etc.) so much more smoothly. Sometimes (especially with vinyl), the SD would scrunch up the vinyl as it was loading. I felt like you had to hold it “just so” to get it to load ok. The Cameo doesn’t have this problem at all. It’s awesome!


Also if you notice my paper is an 8.5” sheet, and the cutting mat is 12”. You can adjust the rollers (white cylinder things) so if you still have SD products, they will work. You can use all sorts of sizes by adjusting the rollers. And if by chance you can’t remember how to adjust them, they are right on the inside cover for your convenience.



3. ONE Adjustable blade. The SD had different caps, but they were little and I seemed to lose them a lot. Having one blade that I simply adjust is fabulous.


Now don’t be intimated by this by thinking “how do I know what to set it on?” because the program tells you that. Select what you are cutting and you are told what number to turn the red mark to on the blade.

See below I selected Print Paper and it told me to set the blade at 2.


Speaking of adjusting the blade. There is small part called a ratchet cap that you use to twist it.


However, if you are worried about losing this one (like I know I will do), there is a stationary ratchet cap built right in to the Cameo, making it a breeze to adjust the blade.


I give it 2 thumbs up! Thumbs upThumbs up 

And since I know so many of you want one….I’ve got a special Black Friday deal coming up for you, but it’s top secret until Black Friday.

In the meantime, I’m going to share more projects using the Silhouette.

So stick around and start hinting to your significant other what you want for Christmas! Winking smile


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Have a great weekend!


  1. what a great gift to find under my Christmas tree :)

  2. LOVE that it has a pause button!!!! I always thought that was a major flaw of the original.

  3. I love that you went through the improvements! I so need a pause or cancel button! :) thanks!

  4. I would love this machine. Sounds perfect.


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