Thursday, December 8, 2011

I’m Crazy Excited About This Advent Calendar

A couple of months ago I featured an advent calendar that I absolutely loved. So much that I had to make one myself. It was from Lifestyle Crafts, so I got all the dies and asked two of my favorite people (my SIL’s Amanda and Nicole) if they wanted to do it as well.


After many hours, here is my finished advent calendar.


I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE it!!!

You know how sometimes you finish a project and for the next couple of days, every time you see it you just smile?

That’s me with this advent calendar.


It was a lot of work. I wish I could say it whipped up pretty easy, but that would be a lie.

We thought we could crank it out in one night, but we decided to do another Christmas project first (I’ll share that one later this week), and didn’t leave much time for this one.


So we tried another day. Kids kind of made the work slow that time, but we were really close to finishing.

One final day and we got it finished!


It probably wouldn’t have taken as long if I was a little more creative when it comes to paper crafting, but remember that this is an area that is difficult for me.

Thankfully, Amanda and Nicole are super creative and helped me out A LOT.

Here are some of my favorite envelopes:


Thanks to spray adhesive and my Martha Stewart glitter, there’s some fun bling to many of my embellishments.


Each envelope contains a different activity that we get to do as a family every day as we countdown to Christmas.


In case you are interested, here are the activities in each envelope:

25. Clean out old toys and clothes to donate.

24. Color a Christmas coloring page, found several HERE.

23. Write letters to Santa, used THIS FREE PRINTABLE from The Crafting Chicks.

22. Attend Church Christmas party and see Santa.

21. Pop popcorn and watch a Christmas movie together.

20. Make homemade ornaments.

19. Buy a Christmas gift for a needy family.

18. Read a Christmas story or book.

17. Send out Christmas cards.

16. Put up indoor Christmas decorations.

15. Put up the Christmas lights on the house.

14. Make Christmas treats.

13. See the Christmas lights at Temple Square.

12. Wrap presents and put them under the tree.

11. Make paper snowflakes for the windows.

10. Bake ginger snap cookies. Make extra for family and friends.

9. Build a snowman.

8. Build a gingerbread house.

7. Prepare teachers’ gifts.

6. Make and deliver neighbor gifts.

5. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.

4. Watch “Joy to the World

3. Make homemade fudge and watch “The Forgotten Carols

2. Go sledding.

1. Read the Christmas story from the Bible.


Amanda and I used the same color scheme.

She was amazing how she just whipped this up. I was shocked how easily she was getting these envelopes done. WOW….that’s talent right there!

(Link to her list of activities coming)

Darling Advent Calendar (1) copy

Nicole did more bright colors and I love hers just as much!

Go see her list of activities and read more about how hers came together.

christmas advent calendar copy

It’s definitely one of my favorite projects I have EVER done and I know that I will treasure it for years to come!

My kids are so excited to get going on this!!!


A special thanks to:

Lifestyle Crafts (dies)

AdornIt (paper)

Martha Stewart (glitter)


These are all the dies used:

(and remember you can get 20% off with code SEWDANGCUTE):


    1. It's gorgeous - wow, you've sure done a lovely job!!

    2. I love them, so very cute and how the "to do" projects are really cool!

    3. That looks awesome! LOVE your activity ideas too! AND all the little details on the envelopes!

    4. Wow! Fabulous job!! It's no secret this took a lot of work, but hard work pays off. It's so pretty and fun. :)

    5. That is fantastic! And I love the notes you have in the envelopes, what a great way to stay organized through the month! Love it!

      Leanne @ because (i think) i can

    6. Oh! It is so lovely! Such a beautiful and elegant calendar! I love it!

    7. Thank you for actually doing a countdown (25 to 1) advent calendar. That is how mine is done and I thought I was the only one who did it that way! I love it!

    8. So cute! I just received my die cut machine and dies last week. I'm using it right now actually.
      Thanks for sharing!

    9. That's so cute! I know you'll love it for years to come.

    10. I didn't know Nicole was your SIL!! I love her, she's so cute and fun! Love your advent, we're huge fans of Lifestyle!! (:


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