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Stenciled Table Runner with Martha Stewart stencils by Plaid: Guest Post {Nicole of Wannabe Crafty}

A little while ago, I received some fabulous Martha Stewart supplies from Plaid.
I was so excited to try them out.
I even had a couple of projects in mind.
However, I haven’t quite been able to get those done JUST YET.

Fortunately, I have a
fabulous SIL who made a few things recently, so you could see how awesome these products are.
(Don’t worry, I still have my projects in mind and will get to them, hopefully sooner rather than later).

One project that Nicole made with the Martha Stewart glitter paint was my PB Knockoff Noel Wall Art. I love her turquoise version!!!
Here’s Nicole to share another project she made.
Hello all you Sew Dang Cute Crafts fans!! I'm Nicole from Wannabe Crafty! Wife, mother, triathlete, and DIY-er!
I am so happy to be here today sharing this gorgeous stenciled table runner! 
Know how Tam said that her Christmas Advent Calendar just makes her happy when she sees it?  That is this table runner for me!  I LOVE IT!! This beauty adorns the console table in my foyer, where I needed a white table runner to go with my Christmas decor.  I wanted a subtle silver sheen and a little red accent, and that is exactly what I got.  I love the finished product even more than I ever imagined when I envisioned this project! 
The table is right next to my husband's office so he walks by it several times a day.  In the 24 hours since I finished this runner, he has made at least a dozen sincere compliments on it!  Can I just tell you how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel inside to know that my very-supportive-but-non-craft-appreciator husband genuinely loves something I made?!  Hehe!
Sewing the runner was pretty basic, and it's just white canvas material, so the thing that really MAKES this table runner and gives it that chic look is the stenciled design- it's the Moorish Circles stencil from Martha Stewart's new craft product line!  When I was over at Tam's house earlier this week working on our Christmas Advent Calendars, she showed me her box of Martha Stewart supplies.  I was already familiar with the new craft paints since I'd used them on my Turquoise NOEL Sign, but I was pretty excited to see all the stencils.  I had never stenciled anything before (*gasp*, I know), so Tam kindly offered to let me borrow one.  I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!
The whole project was SO easy and quick, thanks in large part to the MS stencil.  First I grubbed through my fabric stash and found some white cotton, red cotton, and white canvas (left over from my Canvas Christmas Wreath, which will be posted on my blog later this week).  I set the red aside to make the pleated trim later.  I cut the white canvas and cotton to be the same size as each other (fyi, my finished runner measures about 9.5" wide by 58" long).  I sewed the white fabrics RST, turned them RSO, and pressed the seams flat.  If you are adding trim, DO NOT top stitch yet- that comes very last. 
Also, my stencil design only runs down the center of my table runner and does not touch the edges. If you plan to stencil the entire fabric surface you should stencil it before sewing anything together.  I sewed first because I wanted to be able to line my stencil up with the final edges of my table runner.
It's already time for the fun part- stenciling!  You need:
Your partially sewn table runner
Paint (I did not use fabric paint because I don't plan to wash the table runner)
A paper plate
A brush conducive to stenciling* (more on that in a second)
FIRST, line up your stencil and tape it down.
Get your paint (I mixed silver with white to get a really light silver, hence the cup in the photo).  You have to use an UP AND DOWN MOTION WITH YOUR BRUSH when stenciling to avoid getting paint under the stencil.  So whatever brush you think you can best do that with based on your experience, your paint, and the surface/material you are stenciling on.  Martha Stewart also makes all kinds of brushes, but I didn't have an MS brush so I used an ordinary round artist brush.  Also, it's important to DAB OFF NEARLY ALL THE PAINT onto your paper plate before painting on the table runner. This will also help prevent bleeding.
One section done!  MS instructions say you do not need to wait for you paint to dry before removing the stencil, so I didn't (making the whole project quicker!). 
Then you simply line your stencil up with the handy-dandy registration marks.  You may need to wipe the paint off this section of the stencil to see correctly; MS makes a brush and stencil cleaning solution but a baby wipe worked for me.  Wipe gently so you don't bend the thin stencil. The stencil is transparent enough to see through even with my light silver paint on white fabric.  I had no trouble using the registration marks, and they worked perfectly- I'm the one who painted the table runner and even I have no idea where the "joints" are.  Seriously, using this Martha Stewart stencil was a breeze, even for a stenciling-rookie like me.
Once you've finished stenciling your table runner, press the fabric ends under under, insert your trim and pin it in place (buy some trim or make your own like I did).  Finally, top stitch the entire runner, securing the trim in position.


I think the best kinds of DIY projects are the ones that are simple and fast to make, and look incredible when finished.  This Stenciled Table Runner definitely fits that bill!  I am so thrilled with everything about it, especially the moorish circles stenciled design.  Thank you, Tam, for letting me borrow the stencil!  I am sold on the Martha Stewart stencils and will for sure be using them on future projects (not limited to table runners).  Though I will be making another stenciled table runner for year-round use.  Hey, my husband even said he wants me to leave this one up all year, that's how much he likes it!  The bright red doesn't match our normal decor, so... oh darn, I guess I'll just have to make another stenciled table runner ;)  Which Martha Stewart stencil should I use for my next runner?  Which one(s) are you going to use?
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Thanks so much Nicole! I seriously love that girl (and her new runner)!!!


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