Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This One Deserves a Story…

Once upon a time there was a hallway.


At the end of this hallway was a plain and boring wall.

The lady of the house envisioned having an end table along that wall where she could place her seasonal décor.

(Thanksgiving is shown because lady of the house has not done Christmas yet).


The lady searched and searched for just the right end table. She mentioned to one of her friends that she had been searching without success. This friend happened to mention the lady’s quest to a fellow friend/thrifter (a new craft blog that I’m loving BTW). This kindred thrifter discovered a table one day at a local thrift store for only $15!!


Being the kind friend that she is, she grabbed it for the lady of the house.

It had a lot of damage and was beat-up (and stunk)….but it definitely had potential.


The lady of the house had been wanting to try this new stuff called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan Wax, ever since she first saw it HERE on the green with envy chair.

She knew she wanted a white/grey distressed look.

After consulting an expert on the stuff (thank you Tausha), she ordered Country Grey and Old White.


When the paint arrived, the lady eagerly opened the Country Grey.


It didn’t look that grey to her, so she stirred and stirred. It remained the same color, so she thought it might change as it dried, so it would look more like the online swatch (which she used to place her order).

Paint samples Annie Sloan

However, once the table was painted (very quickly which was nice of the paint itself)…it still looked more beige than grey.


She called the company she purchased it from and was told the paint matches the paint swatch they have on hand, and you really can’t trust the digital images.

So the next time she should buy the paint swatch for $0.50 each.


Bottom line….it was her fault for ordering the country grey and expecting grey.

She turned to her Facebook fans and asked them what color they thought the table was.

Almost all of you said white, off-white, cream, beige, etc.

Here is a white dropcloth and a grey purse on top of the table for color comparison.


Very much not grey.

I think the company knew from the previous phone conversation that they lady was a little upset about “her error”, so they kindly sent a small sample of Charcoal paint to mix-in to try to darken it up.


The lady was very grateful for this.


She mixed in the charcoal with a little of the country “grey” (I’m thinking the name should be changed to beige), and painted the table again.


Just so you can see the comparison of the two “greys”.


Moving on in a much happier place…… the lady painted the old white.


The it was time to sand, sand, sand.

Ah….beautiful, right?


Let’s get a little closer to see the loveliness.


It now makes the lady of the house very happy whenever she sees it at the end of her hallway.


And now she has a place for her seasonal décor and the end of the hallway looks MUCH better!


The End.


A couple of things I learned…

1. Chalk paint has great coverage (you only need one coat), dries really fast, and a little bit goes a LONG way.

2. If you are going for a distressed look, then this paint is the way to go. If you are only using one color and want a smooth-looking finish, I wouldn’t recommend it.

3. On the second coat, I would do more of a dry brush technique instead of trying to coat and then distress. I didn’t learn this until the end of painting, and those are my favorite parts vs. the rest of the table that I had to sand more.

3. I LOVE the wax! I will finish every piece of furniture with this stuff from now on. It is super easy and fast to apply and the finish is so incredibly smooth – it’s unreal. I’m tellin’ ya… I love it!


  1. Can't believe they sell that as grey! Glad you got it sorted out because the finished table looks amazing!! Make me want to go thrifting. :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out. You are so awesome, now I kinda wish I kept the table myself it looks so great *wink*. I'm still on the fence about trying that kind of paint. Maybe some project will scream to me that it needs it and I will give it a try. I'll double check the swatches though. Thanks again.

  3. It looks awesome!!! I have some chalk paint but haven't used it yet. Looking for the right piece to try it on. But your encouragement helps a great deal!

  4. the table is gorgeous Tam! I am glad the Lady of the house is happy. ;)


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