Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Resolutions–Please No Laughing or Judging

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In 2012 there are a couple of things I really want to do.

1. Run a Marathon
I’ve mentioned before that I’m a jock. Exercise is so many things to me – hobby, stress relief, “me” time, etc. One of the things I’m going to do this year is run a marathon. It might come as a shock to some of you that I’ve never done this. I’ve run a couple of half marathons, and I did complete an IRONMAN 70.3 in the summer of 2009, but I’ve never actually run a marathon by itself. As much as I would like to do another IRONMAN, I just don’t have the time to train for it at this stage in my life. Even though it will be tough, I do feel like I could fit in the running training. Especially, since I have this to help me.

Run Less Run Faster is a book that I recently got and I am loving it. It has training programs where you only run 3 times a week. It focuses on the QUALITY not QUANTITY of running. It’s completely personalized for your own fitness level and goals. I’m going to start out with the 12-week training program for the 5K. Which means I am going to be running the Running of the Leopards 5K on March 24, 2012.

I’ll tweak my training a bit around the beginning of February so I can start my 18-week training program for the Utah Valley Half Marathon on June 9, 2012. Then that leaves me 21 weeks to get ready for the St. George Marathon on October 6, 2012.

2. Give Up French Fries
I shared this with you guys on Facebook and I know it might seem like a strange resolution. It’s not that I eat French fries a lot, but whenever I do, I feel sick afterwards. They just don’t digest well. I want to eat healthier, because when I do I feel better, my workouts are better (performance, energy, etc.), I sleep better. The benefits go on and on. Something that is going to help me with my goal to eat better is this cookbook.
I’m so excited to dig in and start trying these recipes. (Hopefully I can lose the last bit of my baby weight as well).

3. Finish my daughters’ shared bedroom and my son’s sports room.
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know that last April I started making something with 21 charm packs.
What did I start making? Twin-sized puff quilts for both of my daughters. I haven’t worked on them in 9 months. I got a little burnt out, had a baby, yada-yada-yada… This is the state I left them in.
Quilt #1
Quilt #2
They’ll look so good in their room, which is really close to being done.
Then there is my 2-yr old son’s room.
I’ve got this awesome Play Ball fabric from Riley Blake Designs, that I need to figure out a quilt with.
I’m getting that done this year, too!

Well those are just a few of mine. I’ve got a couple more, but they are a little more personal.
Follow along with me this year as I make them happen.
Plus I’ve got lots more in store for 2012!

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? I’d love to hear!



  1. "They" say the secret to sticking with your resolutions is to have realistic specific goals...and you do! Look forward to reading about the success of all of them. I like the girls' quilts!

    Please post the Cameo winner here, too. I'm not on FB, probably 1 of the 2 remaining people who aren't. I sure hope I win the Cameo, and I'd hate to miss out just by not being on Fabebook. :-)

  2. Great resolutions! I like that they are specific! I have not finished making mine yet- maybe I should work that little problem into my resolutions!

  3. that running program is totally great. I have used it for a marathon and a half marathon. I am using it this year also to try and PR in the marathon.

  4. Sounds like some great goals! Those quilts are looking lovely. I don't have anything super specific yet, but I did pick a focus word:

  5. Egad...that stuffed quilt is amazing! I pray for the patience to get a project like that done. Can't wait to see them finished!

  6. I can't wait to hear about your marathon training! I am going to have a baby in Feb. but after that I want to start training for some 5k's this summer. I don't know if I will ever get to the point of running a marathon, but I think it's an amazing thing!

    Oh, and I love the quilts! :)

  7. Love your goals- Tam. I know you'll do awesome at all of them. My main goal is to survive having 5 kids. It's kinda freaking me out. lol

  8. I loved the marathons I ran! Wish i could still run! I'd love to train with you!!!! Your daughters' puff quilts are adorable. Love the spunky colors!

  9. Wonderful resolutions!! Me...I have one word...COMPLETE! Complete all those things I started in 2011!! Wa la!!!

  10. Hhhhhmmmmm........You make me want to consider joining you. It would be cool to run it again minus the weight that I have lost. Also, to be there when you run your first. Hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm. Great goals!

  11. Year before last I ran the Utah Valley and St. George Marathons---loved them both but then had to take off last year (because I was pregnant) but am already signed up for Utah Valley and am planning on St. Gerge again.

    Good Luck with the training!

  12. WOW....what an amazing quilt! Like someone else said already, I pray for the patience to complete a project like that one day. I don't quilt YET, but I aspire to one day.


  13. Great list! I have several unfinished projects I want to do. I'm also starting the Couch to 5K next week. Gotta get back in shape! Good luck with all of your goals!!!

  14. Great list... I have several goals this year, but my biggest one is FINISH my many projects that I started in 2011!

  15. Wow those quilts are gorgeous! Or at least, will be! Gave me inspiration to make my daughters, who also share a bedroom, a puff-personality quilt! [fabrics to showcase their personalities]

    An idea for you sons quilt; a rag quilt? I have a two year old son as well, and made him a rag quilt using his old receiving blankets, and it turned out nice!

    You have made some great resolutions! Good luck sticking to them, you'll do great! Now I'm gonna go poke around at your blog a bit, I'm just stumbling upon here for the first time, and it looks interesting! :)

  16. Amazing I love the girls room can not wait to see the finished product. You have wonderful goals. I have set some and all are going well lately. Check out my craft/cooking/life of lace blog at


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