Friday, January 27, 2012

Paint: A Simple Way to Make a Big Difference in a Room

One of the best ways to change a room is by painting it. Something about changing the color can do so much. It can add light and life to a room. If you missed all the before pictures of Jessica’s room that we are giving a drastic makeover, check it out HERE.
Jessica wanted a beach-themed room. She wanted to drastically lighten up the existing room. It was too dark. We needed a room where she could walk in, relax, and escape. So we turned to Dutch Boy paint. With hundreds of colors, we had plenty of options, but in the end we chose Allegheny Green.
It is EXACTLY what Jessica was looking for. In fact, the whole night
we were painting she kept saying “I love this color” over and over. It’s so much prettier in person.
So the color is perfect, let me tell you what else Jessica and I LOVED about this paint.
1. The lid of the paint can.
It has a lid that screws on and off so it is super easy to open and close.
2. The handle of the paint can.
Whoever designed this paint can knew what they were doing. This handle makes it SOOOO much easier to pour the paint. Which also leads me to #3…
3. The spout of the paint can.
Genius! Pure genius! So easy to pour and much less mess. I’m tellin’ ya, this paint can is fabulous!
Now to the paint itself.
4. It eliminates odors. Using Arm & Hammer odor eliminating technology, it masks up any household odors leaving the room smelling fresh and clean. I also noticed that it is a very mild paint smell, so it doesn’t overwhelm you at all when you walk in the room.
(Personally I love the smell of paint so it wouldn’t have bothered me if it did, but it’s not strong….just sayin’).
5. Great application. It went on so smoothly and had great coverage!
The white we used was a different brand (which shall not be mentioned because it was being cursed at for it’s terrible coverage and uneven application). The two paints do not even compare. The Allegheny Green was FAR SUPERIOR (and they did not pay me to say that…that is our absolute honest opinion).
At the end of it, Jessica was asking me “Where do you get this paint? Because I would definitely use it from now on”. Seriously, those were her words. I’ve used other paints that I am perfectly happy with, but the real deal breaker is the paint can. SOOOOO NICE!
So in case any of you are wondering the same thing, go HERE and enter your zip code to find a Dutch Boy retailer.
Do you want to see how else we used this paint?
Good. Stick around and I’ll be back (hopefully tomorrow) to share with you the next step in this room makeover!



  1. Beautiful!! And I agree, I love that color. Dutch Boy is the best - i absolutely agree - that paint can rocks! I've only used it a few times, but it is my favorite paint for something I will live with for a long while :) Can't wait to see more!

  2. I was able to test drive some Dutch Boy paint when we did our kitchen last year and I have to agree, I LOVE the paint. The coverage, the finished look and the color choices are all awesome.

  3. That is some serious loveliness! Great color!


  4. I've been using this same Dutch boy paint (different color) to re-do most of our walls. I love it too!

  5. Sherwin Williams used to have those same paint cans and I LOVED them but they quit using them because they said that they were too expensive. I guess I'll have to switch to Dutch Boy now.

  6. Oh wow! That color is lovely! But thanks for sharing the info on the paint can! They really had a great idea with that one!


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