Friday, February 3, 2012

Silhouette Tutorial: {Getting Fonts/Images the EXACT size you want}

Next tutorial to answer some of your questions is in regards to EXACT sizing.
A lot of times when you are making something, you want it to be an EXACT measurement.
For example, maybe you are making some vinyl and you want the letters to be EXACTLY 2” tall.

Let’s open up Silhouette and type up something. Refer to this post to see how to type and resize.
Exactly 2 inches high
See how my vertical measurement says it is 2.000”?
Guess what? It is 2” tall, but that measurement is taken from the highest point of the type to the lowest point.
So for words like “Tamarynn”, where there is a capital “T” that makes a higher point than the rest of the letters, and a “y” that makes a lower point than the rest of the letters, the rest of the letters aren’t 2”.

An easy way to get the rest of the letters sized to 2” is by using the grid.
Click on the blue grid button at the top right of the toolbar. Under options, check the box that says “show grid”.
Show grid
Each line represents 0.5”. So if we line up our letters along one of the lines, we can see that most of the letters are barely over 1”.
1 inch letters
Let’s resize.
True 2 inches
Now that those letters are exactly 2”, my vertical measurement is 3.715” and my horizontal is 17.070”.

So if you have various high and low points in your image/type, a great way to help you with sizing is by using the grid!

Hope that clears up some questions for you guys! Please let me know if you have any additional questions/concerns.


  1. I'm still confused with the "T" and the "y". They are larger than 2" now. What do you do to make those exactly 2"?

  2. If it's the "T" or the "y" that you want 2", you can line up that letter on the grid and resize it to make it 2". To keep all the letters the same size of font, there is no way they will all be the same height because capital letters are taller and letters like "y" and "g" are taller because of their "tails". If however you want every letter exactly 2" tall, then you can type the "T" and "y" separately. They will be different font sizes than the rest of the letters that way, so you just need to determine what you think looks best and which letters are most important to you for the 2" measurement.


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