Monday, March 26, 2012

One Flower–Three Different Headbands

I love the different headbands that everyone wears these days, especially for little girls. I’ve wanted some for my daughters for a long time, and I finally made some for them.
In case you missed this post over at The Ribbon Retreat a couple of weeks ago, here it is now:
One Flower – Three Different Headbands
It all started
with these darling 3” Pom Posy flowers.
Pom flowers
The first headband I made was a black metal headband.
* Hot glue
STEP ONE: Place a bead of hot glue on the felt circle and glue it to the metal headband.
STEP TWO: Take the flower and glue it to the headband/felt circle.
All done!
Pretty easy, huh?
Next I made an elastic headband.
* 1/4” elastic
* 1/2” grosgrain ribbon 
(If you aren’t sure of the ribbon color, at the time of your order comment to have them choose the best color match to your flower).
STEP ONE: Cover metal clip with ribbon.
1. Cut piece of ribbon about 3 times the size of the clip.
2. Open clip and place some hot glue on the inside of the clip.
3. Cover the glue with ribbon.
4. Flip clip over and place some hot glue on the back side of the clip.
5. Fold ribbon over and glue in place.
6. Place a dot of hot glue on the inside tabs of the clip.
7. Push the ribbon in to glue in place.
8. Fold the remaining piece of over and glue in place.
9. Finished clip.
STEP TWO: Place some hot glue on the bottom of the flower, and glue the clip to the flower.
STEP THREE: Cut a piece of elastic about 1” smaller than the size of child’s head. Stitch two ends together.
STEP FOUR: Clip finished flower to elastic headband.
The last headband I made was a ribbon-covered one.
For this one I started off with these 1/4” plastic headbands. Then used grosgrain ribbon (again requesting to have the color that best matched my flower) and this video tutorial to cover the headband.
Once the headband was covered, I simply clipped my flower in place on the loop.
Pretty slick, huh?
I love that I have so many choices now with headbands!
My girls sure are excited too!!!
Thanks for reading!


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