Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekly Digs #1

You know what I really loved about this week? Connecting more with so many of you. It made my day to have so much interaction with you guys and I would love to do more of it here on my blog.

With that in mind, I’m going to try a new weekly series and I’d really appreciate your feedback on it (yay or nay).
Weekly Digs
Each week I’ll share with you 5 things I can’t get enough, am really loving, or have helped make my week a little better!

3. TV Show: The Voice
(mostly because of Adam Levine….YUM)!
4. Accessory: Beanie Hat from Target
(sold out online, but check in store)
(I wait all year for these)!
How about you? Are you diggin’ any of these things as well?
Or has something else brightened up your week?
Do you guys want to share our weekly digs? Tell me all about yours!


  1. Um so you pretty much snaked all my diggs this week :) But I am also loving the Voice, Vampire Diaries, a new oreo mint shake recipe I am working on for a blog post next week, my 2 and a half year old acting like a big boy all of a sudden and a new spring rag wreath I made today. Like the series :)

  2. Have you seen the new tv show, Smash? It's like Glee but for grown ups. They just did a dance number for Rumour Has It and I was hooked!

  3. LOVE this! I cant even buy a bag of Starburst jelly beans because I will eat THE WHOLE BAG! They are my favorite :) And that white bean chili looks perfect on this cold day. Um and Adele is like my new hero. Have a great weekend!

  4. Adam Levine is some serious eye candy!

  5. Yeah you pretty much nailed it! Love all of these :)

  6. Yes! I absolutely LOVE Starburst jelly beans! Sometimes I just eat up all the yellow ones as soon as I open the bag. Yummmmmmmm! Great idea to have the white bean chilli --- love it!

  7. So Adele has the most beautiful voice!! And that beanie hat is TOO cute!!! What a fun idea!


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