Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Turn a Closet Into an Office

You guys rock, you know that!!! The response to Jessica’s Room Makeover has been amazing and I’m so happy that you guys liked it!

I’ve received numerous emails asking more info about how the office closet came together, so I wanted to share that with you today.

After everything was cleared out,
Jess and her husband painted the entire inside of the closet white.
Then I painted the Tailfeathers Allover stencil by Royal Design Studio with Allegheny Green by Dutch Boy Paints.
I don’t have a table saw that can do long cuts, so I we took some leftover boards from the board and batten to use as the supporting pieces of wood for the desk. After measuring the inside of the closet, I could cut them with my miter saw, and nailed them in place with my nail gun.
First the sides.
Then the back.
Again using the measurements of the inside of the closet, we had Home Depot cut the piece of wood for the desk to size. It fit pretty snug in there and wasn’t going to budge, but I still nailed it in place (to the supporting pieces).
We left a gap at the front of the closet, since I didn’t have the tools to cut around the door casing (the wood part in the door frame that looks like baseboard).
After that, it was time to putty and caulk. Sand that down, prime (the desk was already primed…that’s why it’s white), then paint.
The last thing to do is fill it up with all the office stuff.
It’s the perfect solution if you have limited space!
Finished closet office

To see the rest of the room, you can check out the REVEAL HERE.
Jessica's Finished Room
Be sure to stop back in tomorrow. I’ve got a giveaway that I know you guys will all want!!!

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