Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo a Day May

Many of you have asked that I share more about ME on my blog. Sometimes it’s hard to open myself up, but I always love connecting with you guys, so I’m going to start sharing more.

I love this idea and decided to jump on board. I decided that each Sunday this month I will share with you those weekly pictures on the blog as well.

What do you guys think? Good idea?
Ok, so here are Days 1-5:
Day 1 peace
Is there anything more peaceful than a sleeping baby?
Day 2 skyline
Cloudy, overcast day. View from my house looking out at the snow-capped rocky mountains.
Day 3 something I wore today
Monday – Friday you can find me at the gym. Thursdays are my swim day. Stylish, no?
Day 4 fun
Picked up my packet to run a half marathon!!!
BTW…..if you guys don’t mind me sharing (because I am SOOOO excited about this), the race ROCKED!!! I got a PR (Personal Record) of 1:41:05 (7:43/mile pace). It was beyond exhilarating and definitely fun – especially since I got to run it with friends (who also totally killed it)!
Day 5 bird
We tackled a lot of yardwork this weekend and set up our bird feeder. My kids always get so excited to do this!

So that’s the first 5 days of my May.
Are you guys doing the challenge as well?

I hope you have a fabulous Sunday!


  1. Holy fast time, Tam! That's awesome! You should be SO proud of yourself.

    Love the photo of the day challenge stuff. I've always meant to do one of those.


  2. wowza, that time is amazing!! great job!

  3. Love your photos! I wish I went to the gym mon-fri you are such an inspiration!


  4. Amazing time on your race! You did KILL it! So awesome! I am following along with you on your photoaday!! So fun to get to know you better!

  5. Aw! There's nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby! I'm doing the challenge too! @kassarie


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