Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ruffled Tablecloth

My friend has been going to expos lately, and wanted a tablecloth for the “checkout” table to make it look nicer. She had found a ruffled tablecloth online, but it was over $150!

So she asked me if I could make one for her.
Ruffled Tablecloth

I thought about using ruffled fabric, but for the amount I needed, it would have been at least $80. Instead I opted for muslin, and made this one for only $16 in fabric materials. (Time is a different story…)
I love the part in the back! I overlapped the fabric and left an opening so they could put a chair there and also store things underneath without pulling at the tablecloth.
So pretty!
To make one you will need:
- 5 1/2 yds 90” wide muslin* (I used cream-colored)
*Note: Muslin is sold in different widths, if you can’t find 90” you will need to adjust the fabric requirements acccordingly.
- Coordinating thread
- Upholstery thread
- Serger and sewing machine

Step 1: Cut a 35” x 35” piece for the top. My table measured 34” x 34” so I simply added 1” for seam allowances.
Step 2: Cut 4 panels measuring 22 1/2” x 36”. Sew RST (right sides together) along the 22 1/2” edge, so you have one long panel measuring approximately 22 1/2” x 140”. Make sure your serger is threaded with matching thread and finish the seams. Serge along one of the 140” sides (this will be the bottom of the skirt and we are doing this to prevent fraying).

Step 3: Cut (24) 6”’ strips. So these strips will measure 6” x 90”. Stich and serge 4 strips RST along the 6” sides. You should now have 6 VERY LONG strips (~360” long). I know it’s 10 yards long. That’s a lot of fabric, but just think of the finished product!!!
Serge along the top and bottom sides. Yep the long sides. It’s a ton of serging and thread, but it’s better than hemming.
Step 4: Now we get to gather each of these strips to create our ruffles using the upholstery thread. See THIS TUTORIAL step 6 if you need a refresher on how to do that. Working with one ruffle at a time, pin the ruffles to your panel piece that we created in step 2. Then stitch the ruffle to the panel piece.
Here are three of the ruffles sewn on.
Repeat until all 6 pieces are sewn on.
Step 5: Finish both sides (22 1/2” sides) with the serger, ruffles and panel.
Step 6: Pin skirt piece (ruffles and panel) to the square top piece RST. Start in the middle of one side, when you get back around to the end, let the fabric overlap so you leave that finished opening.
Stitch and serge and you are done!!!
Throw it on your table and admire your beautiful ruffled tablecloth!
Oh so pretty! Don’t you think?

Hope you guys have a great day!
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Love this tablecloth! Ruffles are so much fun!

    Take care,


  2. amazing! i wanna make one of this for my home, very good tutorial easy to follow

  3. I absolutely love this! You did a great job!

  4. So cute! Worth all the time I'm sure, looks really great!

  5. I am totally loving this!! It will be perfect for the expos they are going to. How fun! Sorry it took you so long to make it, but I have to say it must have been worth it. :)

  6. Oh my gosh it's beautiful! It turned out perfect. Love it :)

  7. This is a beautiful tablecloth, but depending on the amount of time it took you to make this, $150 for a pre-made tablecloth, might have been a bargain. Don't ever discount the value of your time.

  8. Darling my dear!! Totally darling! I just love this and I bet they will too!!

  9. Loved this and I pinned it. Looks like the ruffling takes a lot of time but the outcome is so worth it!

  10. You are crazy!! LOL. I sewed a ruffled valance for my bathroom and I just about went insane. I don't know how you managed to make it all the way through this, but it is BEAUTIFUL! Great job. You should be happy you stuck with it. :)

  11. very pretty! Might be a good project to break in the ruffler foot!

  12. Ack!! Tam! I love this!! This is such a gorgeous tablecloth - makes me want one (a little shorter) for my dining table!

  13. This is beautiful! I am just dying to have a tea party at a table covered in ruffles now.

  14. It's gorgeous Tam! You did a beautiful job!

  15. This is so beautiful!! Great job!

  16. Wow, I love this! Thank you for the tutorial!


  17. Tam!!! This bad boy is crazy awesome! And $16.00!?? Are you kidding me! I am so impressed with how finished and professional it looks. You could've fooled me that it cost $400.00!! You have some mad skills girl! I've got to find some time to do this!

  18. This is soooo beautiful! I can't even imagine how much work you put in it! Great job! :)

  19. It's beautiful!!! When you posted the teaser I was wondering what that many lengths of ruffles would become! :) Now we see why they cost that much huh... Love it!

  20. That looks so beautiful! You did an amazing job!

  21. That is just lovely! Great job! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at Pin It and Win It Wednesday @ where you can win free ad-space on my blog!

  22. Amazingly cute. Found you on Pinterest.:)

  23. What a BEAUTIFUL tablecloth!!! I love the ruffles, so pretty!

  24. Beautifully done and so worth the effort, I think! I will probably make something like this but I will leave the edge of the ruffles ragged for a shabby look. So gorgeous!

  25. I want one of these. I wish I didn't hate to sew! Very cute. Would love for you to share this on my linky party!
    Thanks, Marcie @

  26. This is so awesome...are you will to make more and if so what price?? Thanks you can reach me at


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