Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Different Stenciled Signs

This morning I was on a local morning show here in Utah called Studio 5. They sent 5 different bloggers the same Martha Stewart stencil set, and asked each of us to come up with something. I decided to make some stenciled signs with three of the different stencils included in the kit.
Stenciled Signs

If you want to see all five of the projects,
here’s the video. I’m #4.
Now here’s the step-by-step tutorial.

The first sign I made was this one with one of my favorite quotes. It’s sitting right by my kitchen sink so I see it often throughout the day and can ask myself, “How can I make today the happiest day of my life?”
Happiest day sign 1

STEP 1: Start out with a piece of 15” x 15” MDF. Sand it down to get rid of any splinters and rough spots. Paint your base color. I chose Spa Blue by DecoArt.
Painted blue
STEP 2: I used my Silhouette to cut a vinyl stencil of an oval with the quote “Make each day the happiest day of your life”. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can use an Exacto knife instead. You can use whatever color of vinyl, because it’s going to get thrown away when we are done with it. Place the vinyl stencil on your board.
Quote stencil
STEP 3: Tape the stencil to your board and begin painting your top color. I chose white.
Painting stencil
Line up the stencil to continue the pattern until the whole board is covered.
Painted sign
STEP 4: Remove the vinyl stencil, then sand the entire board to distress.
Happiest day sign closeup
All done!
Happiest day sign on table
Like I said, it’s in a prominent place in my home so I’m sure to see it all throughout the day.
Sign in kitchen
The other two signs were made in the same manner. I loved the honeycomb patterned stencil, so I used it to make a fun, coral “Laundry” sign.
With the 4th of July right around the corner, my mind immediately went to fireworks when I saw the sunbursts stencils in the kit.
USA Sign

Such a fun and simple way to make a great piece of holiday d├ęcor!

So there you have it. One stencil kit and three different signs (plus four other projects from the other bloggers who were part of the challenge).
Stenciled Signs
One of the other bloggers was my friend Becky of The Crafting Chicks! It’s always fun to see blogging buddies!!
And of course, you guys know I got my outfit at Quincee’s Boutique. Be sure to like their Facebook page where they post outfits daily. You can email or call to order (they ship everywhere)!!!


  1. How fun! Makes me wonder if one of my local stations does anything like this...and yet I'm probably too chicken to even imaging going on tv :)

    I love your USA one--I love how you saw fireworks in those stencils!!

  2. Your idea was my fav! you did such a great job on tv and you looked TINY in those adorable pants

  3. Loved your segment! You did a great job and your project is the cutest, not gonna lie ;) Love ya, girl!! XO

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