Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo a Day June: Week 2

Can you believe another week has already gone by? We just enjoyed our first week of summer and it went by so quickly!
Remember the photo a day challenge in June? If you missed week 1, you can catch it HERE.
And if you want to see the posts for May, click HERE.

Days 4 – 9
Day 4 closeup
Last Sunday, my 6-year old lost her other front tooth! Just look at that adorable toothless grin!! That deserves a close-up right?
Day 5 sign
This sign is actually from yesterday, but on Day 5 (and the rest of the week) I couldn’t figure out a “sign” picture. Yesterday I ran a race and had to leave my house at 3:00 am to catch my bus. My sweet daughter put a bunch of different signs like this one up all over the kitchen for me to see before I left. I love how thoughtful she is!
Day 6 hat
Trying to get this guy to let me take his picture is a joke, but I did manage to snatch this one of him. I just love the way he looks sporting his baseball hat!
Day 7 drink
My baby thinks he is so big and likes to drink out of a water bottle (even though it’s almost as big as him). It’s adorable and makes me smile!
Day 8 6 oclock
At 6 o’clock Friday I was carb-loading for my race the next morning. Can’t go wrong with a nice spaghetti dinner!
Day 9 my view today
My day started EARLY! I had to wake up at 2:30 am to be out the door by 3. I drove down to Provo (about an hour from where I live) to catch a 4:00 bus that took me up Provo Canyon to the start line of the Utah Valley Half Marathon.
It was a beautiful view to run down that spectacular canyon!
I got to spend the time before the race with our good friends Nate and Jessica (some of you may remember Jessica from her beach room makeover and weight loss journey)?

I’ve enjoyed seeing all of your #photoadayJune pics as well on Instagram! It’s really fun to see everyone’s different takes on the daily topics.
Thanks for reading!


  1. You got to run down Provo Canyon in a half marathon? What a dream. That would be so beautiful and awesome. I WISH both my knees would let me do that!!!!!!!!! Way to go, Tam. And it looks like your little guy is standing without holding onto anything. Rem hasn't done that yet. I'm kind of glad!

  2. Your baby boy is soooo cute with that water bottle x

  3. Aw! What a sweetheart your daughter is! :)


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