Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ombre Herringbone Quilt

Hey guys! I was doing the usual end-of-year stuff where I like to declutter and organize, and realized there are a few "blog" things I forgot to post. So while I'm trying to get the final touches on the website for "The Chic Orchid, I have a couple of FINAL "Sew Dang Cute" posts.

For instance, this quilt was originally posted in June on the Riley Blake blog as my final design team project.

I came up with this idea almost a year ago, and even got the fabric to make it back in April, but life got so busy that I didn’t get it done – until June.

Introducing the Ombre Herringbone Quilt!!!
Ombre Herringbone Quilt complete
This turned out just how I hoped it would, and was a fun quilt to make.

The first thing I needed to do was design the quilt on paper.
I created this image in PhotoShop as a rough draft. I planned on straightening up all the squares so if you guys wanted to download it for yourselves, it would be a nice copy. However, as I mentioned before, life was a little hectic, so please forgive me for the rough copy.
(You should be able to right click the image to save it to your computer for printing).
Ombre Herringbone Quilt
Next I picked out my fabrics. Riley Blake Designs has an incredible selection of solids. In order of light to dark, my blues are Bleached Denim, Waterfall, Aqua L, and Bear Lake.

The finished quilt measures 42” x 52” – great for a nice throw or crib-sized blanket.
For this size I used:
- 1/4 yd of each of the blues (Bleached Denim, Waterfall, Aqua L, Bear Lake)
- 1 1/4 yd white
- 1 1/2 yd backing (Bear Lake)
- 1/2 yd binding (Bear Lake)

Cut the following 5” squares:
15 of Bleached Denim
15 of Waterfall
15 of Aqua L
15 of Bear Lake
60 of white

To sew the blocks I used the same technique as in my Chevron Peak Hour quilt.
Making squares
STEP ONE: Lay a white square right side up.
STEP TWO: Place a colored square directly on top right side down (so right sides are together).
STEP THREE: Using a ruler, draw a line with a pencil or fabric marker from corner to corner.
STEP FOUR: Sew 1/4” seam on both sides of the drawn line.
STEP FIVE: Cut along the drawn line.
STEP SIX: Open squares and press. You now have two sewn blocks.

Repeat for all four colors.
Then it’s quilt assembly time. I drew lines on my printed out design so I didn’t mix up the pattern.
(Again you should be able to right click and save the image to your computer).
Marked quilt pattern
Using a 1/4” seam allowance, sew all 12 rows together, pressing seams as you go.

I had the quilting done by Wendy of Eagle Mountain Quilting and chose the floral light pattern – something soft and elegant. I’m really happy with how it turned out!
Finished ombre herringbone quilt


  1. Whew! That is AMAZING. That's some serious work. I love the herringbone/ombre concept, too. Way to go, Tam!


  2. This is gorgeous Tam! I love the colors! Pinning and putting on my to-do list! :)

  3. Oh it is lovely! I might just be inspired to make a solids quilt after this!

  4. That’s great. Thanks for sharing the details in your blog
    Hunter Douglas


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